Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tres Jolie!

I'm back in Chicago! So glad to be home and connected to the internet. It was nice to be away for a few weeks but I'm ready to feel civilized again! June is gone and here are some of my favorite parts of it!

- June brought to my days so many beautiful flowers, including the one pictured from my cousins wedding. 
- A fun road trip from Chicago to Florida with my Mom and Christopher. My heart delighted in the rich greenery and my tongue delighted in all the Chik Fil A I could handle!
- While in Florida I managed to sneak a date in with Tiffany and Todd! My favorite newly weds. 
- Super 8 made me feel like a ten year old kid again. Don't you love movies that excite you while you watch and give you a new lust for life afterwards? Don't miss it- it's the kind of movie you want to see in the theatre.
- Went on some fun photo adventures with Lindsay!
- My ears delighted in the sounds of Bonnie Prince Billy - a show I've wanted to see for so long!
- Left for the woods and didn't have a horrible time! More on that soon. I have much scanning to do. 

How was your June? What are you looking forward to in July? I'm stoked on a visit from my favorite Swiss Miss and to have some downtime after the festival. 



  1. sounds like a great month! i made a brief trip to indiana and managed to have chick-fil-a twice. it was AWESOME.

  2. Jodi you lucky duck! Isn't it so good. I'm going to be in some serious trouble this summer going there too much!

  3. Your June sounds great! I'm so envious of your photo walks with other polaroid people that I see photos from on Instagram and Flickr. They look like the epitome of fun! :D