Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As soon as I heard there was a huge working camera downtown Chicago I literally ran out of the house to go see it. I brought my 195 and some Polaroid black and white film with me, which I had never shot before- it's beautiful! At any rate- I learned a little bit about the project, called Butterflies + Buffalo. Photographer Dennis Manarchy has built this camera from scratch, I believe it's the largest working camera in the world! He is embarking on a journey around the United States to photograph American cultures with it. There were some portraits taken with the camera on display that are stunning. The details are incredible and the print size is awe inspiring! 

The camera itself is gorgeous. The lens plate is beautifully constructed. The entire thing is a work of art in itself. Here are some photos I shot of it. 

So excited to see this project unfold. If you're interested in donating to help make this a reality you can do so on their website here

I believe the camera will be out on display until October 31st so if you find yourself in Chicago, make time to go see it! It's really an amazing thing to take see in person!


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  1. I love that you took photos of this amazing camera with your 195! They turned out great. It would be so incredible just to see this camera and how they work it. I can't even fathom it!