Friday, August 15, 2014


I recently came across these photos that Christopher gave me a few years ago. They are dated between the early 1900's - the late 1930's. It's incredible that some of these photos are 100 years old and here they are, in my hands. Vintage treasures, the documentation of a special occasion, a memory and it is standing the test of time.

This made me wonder what is going to happen to our history, the preservation of our memories, in the digital age. I feel like no one I know has a pile of printed photos that they've recently taken. It seems like most people post their photos to Instagram or Facebook and forget they ever existed. I love that things like Instagram exist, it's such a neat way to share the way we see the world or our every day lives, but I worry about the preservation of these images and memories! What happens when Facebook and Instagram eventually fade out, remember Myspace and Friendster? How are we going to prove to our kids that we used to be hot if our photos are gone?

I back up my digital images onto several different hard drives but the only thing that eases my mind is having a physical copies of my photos. This is one reason that I shoot a lot of film and Polaroids, I like the physical aspect of that medium of photography.

I'm not here to make a case for film and say how it's better than digital because they each have their place and there are plenty of good arguments for both sides. All I'm trying to say is that we should all make more of an effort to print out our favorite images, so we have something to pass along to our children or look back on and remember our youth by!

Do you print your pictures? Why or why not? What are some of your favorite printing services?


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