Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hellllllloooooo! I know it's been a minute, I left you guys with my photos from Polaroid Week for soooo long! I shot my last wedding of the year, which made me sad, but I'm looking forward to having some time to post all the wonderful weddings that I have had the honor of shooting this year, as well as sharing all the other fun stuff I've been up to!

I have such an appreciation for bloggers. When I first became a full time freelance artist (nearly two years ago!) I had these grand visions of updating my blog after every single shoot and sharing work by others that really inspires me. I thought I would have all this extra time to piddle around with and that has simply not been the case for me! It's surprising how much time you spend working on emails, contracts, scheduling, all kinds of behind the scenes business stuff that I enjoy doing (thankfully, I'm a nerd) but that end up being so time consuming!

I welcome this tiny break to refresh myself, become more inspired, refine my craft and spend hours upon hours starring at Pinterest!

Cheers to Winter break and to updates galore!


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