Friday, November 12, 2010



Do you even see how tiny and adorable these pinecones are?  I wanted to bring them home with me but knew that they'd get crushed in whatever space I found for them in the van.  I wish we had pinecones on my street.  As a child I remember my mom would gather some pinecones and she my brother and I would put peanut butter and bird feed on them and hang them outside for the birds.  Such a fun memory.

As an adult I look back at my childhood and can appreciate so much more than I could as a little gal all the efforts my mom made to keep us entertained, to teach us about the world and nature, and to see smiles on our faces.  There is no love like the love of a mother for her children (I'm guessing since my "children" are furry rabbits).  What an awe inspiring thing.  To think our moms gave up so much just to see smiles on our faces.  What a warm little thought.

My husband is on his way to play a show a few hours away and I am home alone and with little to do for the first time in ages.  Usually if we're not working on something together I'm up in our office space working on calendars and cards.  What to do with my free time.  I think I'll start working on one of these little journal projects I found on a lovely new blog that I follow. Peep Jodi and her crafts and Polaroids!

Have a great weekend!! XO

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  1. I love baby pinecones like those! They're so itty bitty. I did the PB+seed on pine cones, too...and with TP rolls...ghetto, much?