Saturday, October 8, 2011


Life is such a funny, fragile, fickle little thing. When I lost my brother, I gained a new appreciation for life and for the fact that every day is not promised. Sometimes I get mad at myself for getting whiny about my life and I forget to be thankful that it's a pretty sweet one! We were so lucky to have great insurance for my brother and to have a network of friends and family that were wonderful supports to us both emotionally and financially. 

Recently my husbands Uncle John passed away. It all happened very quickly, he was diagnosed with cancer and a month later he passed on. This all happened a very short time after he lost his job and with it his insurance. You can probably imagine how difficult this has all been for his family. 

My husband and his brother played a benefit concert tonight to raise some money to help support his Uncle's family by trying to ease the burden of medical bills and funeral costs. In an effort to raise funds I am offering a 25% discount on my brand new 2012 Instant Film Calendars with all proceeds going to The Durkin Family. Head on over to and grab one for a good cause! At checkout use the code "XOBENEFIT" for 25% off of your order. If you wouldn't mind spreading the word about this little deal I would really appreciate it! We are hoping to send the family a check next weekend! 

The passing of Uncle John has reminded me to be thankful for every wonderful person in my life and for all those little things that make life wonderful. 

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