Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm in love with my Spectra camera. This was shot on The Impossible Project's PZ680 color film.

Annnnd I'm back. I didn't expect moving to be so time consuming! We're getting settled into our new place. I've found a place for most of our stuff in our new home, now what remains are all the little details that make a space your own, like hanging up pictures! I can't wait to do that. The previous apartment Christopher and I lived in was so small we were afraid to put too much on the wall in fear of feeling really crowded. I can't wait to put those finishing touches on our home.

We're both really loving all the space we have now, the beautiful light that floods our rooms, and the bunnies have been exploring and doing all sorts of cute binkies!

I can't wait to take photos of our new home to share once it's set up. I'm also really excited at the prospect of having some grill out days with friends during the Summer in our backyard around our pool!

I just wanted to say Hellllooooo!! Is it silly to miss the internets, because I totally did! Glad to be getting into some kind of routine.



  1. hooray!! congrats on the new place!

    1. Thanks Jodi! We're slowly but surely getting settled in!

  2. You're house looks beautiful! I can't wait to see how it is all set up. :D
    Also, Seymour and Franny are adorable! I love his cute binkies.