Thursday, April 19, 2012


How rad is this Spectra Photobooth?!

March stormed by me. Where did that month go?

March brought:

- Chicago 70-80 degree weather, which is practically unheard of.
- the signing of a lease for our much bigger apartment. (and that isn't saying much!)
- me to be humbled when I spilled coffee all over myself on the train and a stranger showed me kindness.
- some really fun photo walks with Rachel.
- the knowledge that Lomography is soon opening a store in Chicago!
- Seymour to the doctor for a check up where we found out half his eyes are blue!
- a BEAUTIFUL new batch of color film from the Impossible Project, PX70 & a Flash bar for SX-70 cameras.
- The Style Rookie to the camera shop I work at. I think she's so cute, so it was really fun to see her wander into a little camera store in Oak Park!

March was so great. April has been just as fun so far but I can't wait for May! We move in May, it'll be nicer weather (it got cold again in April- what was up with that tease March?!), I'm hoping to have a bicycle by then (I need help with that! Any suggestions for a nice city bike for a girl who does not have strong legs?!) and we'll be that much closer to my favorite part of the year...Summer!

Don't forget to leave a comment right here to be entered to win a free pack of PZ680 color film for your Spectra camera!


  1. That Spectra photobooth was what I got my selfie on when I visited A&A last. Big fan.

    Also, have you seen how awesome the photos come out with that Quad Cam? Check it:


    1. We have a few of those mini portrait cameras in the store! I am always tempted to buy one but I know that Mamiya made this quad attachment thing for the Mamiya Universal that I have so I'm always holding my breath I'll come across one of those one day! Those look like SO much fun. You can practically have a photo booth in your house!

  2. love your spectra photobooth shot so much!