Monday, February 3, 2014


I recently purchased a little scanning sensation called a Kodak Pakon, which is allowing me to rather quickly scan in all of my negatives. Being that it's Winter and I have more free time than usual, I am excited at the prospect of actually achieving this long time goal of mine!

While I use a digital camera for "work" nearly all of my personal photos are taken with film of some sort, whether that be 35mm or instant film of some variety. As I've been working on these scans I started digging around to take a peek at some of my digital archives as well and have found a ton of photos I've never really shared anywhere that I like. I thought I might start sharing a photo or two a day here!

The photo in this post was from a trip to the Field Museum years ago when I first moved here to Chicago.

I hope you are all staying busy and warm!


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