Monday, February 10, 2014


All the snow and cold we've been having in Chicago has me thinking of warmer times, especially the trip Christopher and I went on to shoot a wedding in Hawaii back in November. Let's warm up while we look at these pictures! 

Amy + Josh had such a rad wedding that I was so honored to be a part of. They had a beautiful, intimate wedding on the beach in Kapolei, Hawaii and danced and drank Mai Tai's into the night. What better way to celebrate such a wonderful union? 

The part of the beach the ceremony was held at is called Lanikuhonua which translates into "where heaven meets the earth"- super romantic! The ceremony was gorgeous, it was sunny, not hot, beautiful vows were exchanged and then everyone walked a few feet over to celebrate well into the night. 

During the reception Amy changed into the dress that her mother in law wore on her wedding day. She did a wonderful job of restoring the dress and it fit her like a glove! I love little details like that on a wedding day that make it so much more meaningful.

I had so much fun shooting instant photos throughout the night. Those are always such a hit with guests and a really special way to remember your wedding day! Amy had made really neat clothes pins with shells on them to pin the instant photos onto a net she put up in reception tent as a cute way to show the photos off as I snapped them. 

It was truly such an honor to capture these photos for Amy + Josh and I was really happy to have Christopher alongside of me shooting video. You can see his version of the Starr wedding here



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