Tuesday, August 28, 2012


August has me lusting after:

- This girls daily 8x10 self portraits
- This golden glittery belt from Target that I couldn't resist
- Lisa Congdon's cute blog! A girl after my own handwriting heart!
- Two words. Mint. Flats
- Every single thing in this store. All of it
- The Present & Correct Blog as well
- The War on Drugs. Give them a listen if you love Springsteen & Dylan! Also, check out their webpage. I love their landing page!

If you're into Pinterest, and you should be, follow my "gimmie" board for many ridiculous things my heart desires! What are some of your wants?


1 comment:

  1. This picture. It's awesome.

    Also, I love Lisa's hand lettering, and yours too! My hand writing is so messy and un-cute. I hate the look of it. I want to learn how to write cute like you two!