Wednesday, February 2, 2011


view master!!

January has been such an exciting month for me. I have such high hopes for this year - it's the year of the rabbit, I don't see how it can be anything but incredible. January, I can't say I'm sad to see you go. I look forward to sunshine, budding flowers and being able to go out uninhibited in general so January get behind me and Spring I welcome you with open arms! The groundhog said Spring is near. I'm a believer, even if I am in the middle of a blizzard.

Thank you January for:

- A busy month in my shop
- My first month dieting...ever. The results haven't been brilliant and I'm pretty sure this past week I've up and quit my diet but I have learned how to eat better, learned about some awesome alternatives to foods that are horrible for me and I think I've nearly kicked my life long lust for Coke...or at least narrowed it down to one a week. That's a serious accomplishment for me!
- Having a brick and mortar store carry my cards in Chicago
- The Impossible Project carrying my cards in their NYC shop (soon)!
- I've made a list of things I want to accomplish before my epic 30th birthday this year- 11.11.11 (which is an accomplishment in itself)
- Smiling a lot to the new song my husband and his brother wrote - Run Rabbit Run.
- Randomly being gifted a working SX-70 (Thank you stranger), VIEW MASTER (Thank you Aunt Shirley) and SX-70 tote (Thank you Annie!).
- Lots of really fun adventures with my Mom out and despite grey skies and white streets.
- Bringing The Dismemberment Plan back
- Going to my first exhibition opening, Vivian Maier, an absolutely inspirational Chicago street photographer

February I am ready for the goodness you have to offer. It's only been two days and already you've allowed me to WALK ON (frozen) WATER ON LAKE MICHIGAN (photos to come), I came across this amazing polaroid photographer- Mikael Kennedy and I started to exercise.



  1. I received my package of Valentine's Day cards. I'm obsessed!! So is Louis. The packaging, cards, everything is really so cute. I love them and will definitely be ordering more.

    xoxo -cart

  2. Sounds like a great and productive month, but I'm so with you on being ready for spring!!

  3. Holy Cow! I haven't seen a view master if forever!

    Your January sounds absolutely stellar and I bet February is going to be just as good for you! :D

  4. Just came across this shop on Etsy and it made me think of you!


  5. I love your Viewmaster! I'm trying to kick the Coke habit too - it's evil.

  6. Thank you everyone!! I hope we can live a Coke free (or perhaps just a less coke a week) life, have an awesome February and keep our fingers crossed that Spring is just around the corner!

    Juli- That made me smile...thank you for passing it along. I bookmarked it and have to order soon!

    Kcart- I am so flattered that you and Lou loved the cards! You guys have such great taste! I hope to see y'all soon! XO