Sunday, February 6, 2011


After the Blizzard

Hello! It's super bowl Sunday and although that has pretty much no significance to me, I am very excited  to hang out with friends and eat the most horrible foods with them.

Did everyone hear about the blizzard that hit Chicago? Well my husband, some of our friends and I went out in the middle of it last weekend! It was crazy. I felt like I was on Hoth. I kept waiting for Han Solo to rescue me on a Ton Ton. Wait didn't know I am a total Star Wars nerd? Shhh. Don't judge me, okay? Thanks. I've never seen that much snow in real life before. It was pretty fun and a little bit scary too. I'm hoping to develop the film I shot in the storm this week and will surely keep you posted on that. I'm waiting to finish off a roll I have in my newly acquired Diana Mini. I've been wanting one for a while now and couldn't resist buying it when I saw it on sale. Does anyone have any tips on how to use that bad boy for me?

This week I also shot peel apart film for the first time in my life. My heart leapt a little bit when I saw the results. So pretty! It only made me sad I'd never thought to try it out before. You can see some of what I shot here. The camera I'm using is pretty basic and easy to use, I just have to get better at judging distance since you aren't looking directly through the lens when you look into the viewfinder and this always throws me off when it comes to focusing. I'm not used to having to know how many feet or meters you are from someone or something.

My husband and I went to see My Brightest Diamond play a few nights ago and she was incredible as always. I'm not a big fan of female vocalists, actually the only ones I really like are Carol King, Blonde Redhead and My Brightest Diamond. At any rate, during the show Shara told the backstory to one of her songs which referenced At the Back of the North Wind, a George McDonald book. It sounded right up my alley so I'll have to give it a read. Has anyone else read anything by him before? If you have the chance to go see My Brightest Diamond I would highly recommend it. The music is beautiful, Shara is funny and cute and there isn't a single air of pretentiousness during the show, which I rather appreciate.

This is turning into quite the novel, and to think when I first started writing I wasn't sure if I had anything to say. Can I tell you just a few more things? Thank you.

- I'm inspired this week by Michael Morgans goal to blog every day for 30 days (quite ambitious if you ask me!)
- I'm working on some mix cd artwork for a mix exchange with Isabelle that I am VERY excited about!
- I am so happy to be sending Valentines to lonely seniors! A great big thank you to everyone who bought cards from my shop for this!  I'll be sending the package along to Etsy tomorrow (Monday) afternoon so you still have a chance to put a smile on a lonely elderly persons face on Valentines day!
- If you need a low commitment photo project consider joining the Flickr group, Saturdays of 2011 where you simply take a photo of your Saturday and post it to the group! I have REALLY been loving photo projects this year. It's a great way to keep shooting and to stay inspired, especially during the Winter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, cozy Sunday!


  1. I carry around sewing measuring tape and it makes a world of difference. fast and accurate. Can't wait to see more of your results.

  2. We just got that "Love is in the Air" Mini Diana. Haven't finished the roll yet. It's even smaller than I thought it would be. On the half frame setting you can shoot 72 pics on a 36 roll. So we have quite a bit more shooting to do till we can develop it and see the results.

    Where did you pic up your fuji 100c peel apart film?

    Stay warm!

  3. Great advice Ryan! I have that in my little domesticated lady kit so I'll have to stash it in my purse.

    Jeremy- I wanted that one! It's so cute but I went for the one that was on sale at UO. I'm halfway through a 36 exposure roll and am hoping to cap it off today so I can see the results! I keep forgetting to try double exposures on it which was partially why I was so amped on the cute little camera. I bought the peel apart film from B&H. It's only about $8.50 a pack. The Impossible Project has some sexier films (chocolate, sepia, blue) that I want to try as well.

  4. You'll get used to the Colorpack ... My first shots with the Supershooters were out of focus, but I'm a little better at judging distance now.

    Thanks so much for mentioning the Saturdays of 2011! I love having those low-commitment photo projects, too, and it's even more fun to do them with friends. :-)

  5. Jess! Thank you for giving us lazy photographers a manageable and fun photo project to work on! XO

  6. I love that you're a Star Wars nerd! And seriously, who WOULDN'T want Han Solo to come rescue them on a Ton Ton?

    My cat has a little stuffed jawa toy that we cover in catnip and then he attacks with all the viciousness he can muster.

  7. Points for the Hoth reference. (I knew there was a reason I liked you). Thanks for the shout out! I do think I am insane and hope to learn *something* about myself at the end of this process. It's been a good way to keep me on task and to follow through with something I've committed to. :)

  8. Ashley- You're right, I should never be apologetic about my love of Star Wars and of super sexy Han! I would love to see some videos of a great big kitty attacking a mini Jawa!! I need to consider some star wars customs for my bunnies! Ha.

    Michael- I think it's your blogging goal is awesome. It's hard to make time to blog every day and to come up with content that is interesting- but it's also a wonderful way to be reminded of all the good things life offers us. You especially with your cutie patootie daughters!