Friday, February 25, 2011


The sunless grey skies are affecting me. This time of the year seems endless. I start to think that I live in a place that is Winter year round. I didn't think living in Chicago would be such a drastic change from Florida and I have never considered myself more a Florida girl than I do during this stretch of Winter. I'm just ready for it to be done! My friends in Florida are posting pictures from the beach. Wearing tank tops and sandals. I don't even remember what sunshine feels like.

Listening to Ryan Adams. Wishing for warmer days so I feel more motivated to go out and shoot (can you tell?!). Thankful for internet pals who have been so wonderfully warming about the loss of ole Pete. Anxious for April to come so I can see 3 of my besties in Florida. Happy about the time I've been spending with my mom lately. Ever so happy about a little bit of Polaroid film I've recently come into. Anxious to develop those four rolls of HP5 that are starring me in the face. Hopeful about the prospect of covering up the glass tile that is shattered in our bathroom from previous tenants in the next month or see (fingers crossed). Unsure about going on a east coast road trip with Christopher and Trevor.

Much on the mind. Here's hoping for a restful weekend to you and me both!



  1. ah. i cannot imagine such a long winter myself. the dogwoods just burst into bloom this past week here... hope it is just around the corner for you.

  2. I hear you about spring. And I live in a fairly temperate place, but because it's a temperate rainforest it gets A LOT of rain. The sun is up in those clouds there somewhere, right?

  3. Kitchu- When I read your lovely comment the image of Dogwood blooms EXPLODING came to mind. How can I make that happen?! It was such a lovely thought!

    Ashley- Hang in there girl. We're almost to SPRING AND SUMMER! When I lived in Florida I remember those rainy afternoons all summer long but when the sun shines, IT SHINES! I miss that. And Sweet Tea!