Monday, February 14, 2011


Wow, I've waited much too long to make a blog post. I'm sorry! This past week was incredibly busy although I don't have much to show for it. You know how those weeks go. The days just get away from you somehow. 

I have been playing around with peel apart film and falling in love with each photo. Even if it is out of focus, I haven't quite mastered the camera I'm using yet, it's so fun to see those instant results! I only wish I could find a macro attachment that would allow me to get closer than 3 ft away from something and it still be in focus. I never realized how closely I usually photograph things until now! The 3 photos in this post are my entry for "Sweet" on Words To Shoot By. There are some pretty cute entries, so go give them a peek

My heart has been swelling the past few days. With the excitement of this new to me film, the prospect of a fun new camera for my husband and I to play with (more on that in a later post), all the upcoming weddings there are to attend and photograph, the fact that spring is only a month or two away (!!), the sun keeps peeping out of the Chicago skies, our rabbits do increasingly cute things, I've been exercising and although I don't see any results on my scale or body- it feels wonderful to be doing something that is good for my health, seeing beautiful things online, being inspired by living spaces. So much good stuff! 

I also recently purged some of my cameras, a pretty decent amount of "I shouldn't get rid of that, I might wear it one day" clothes and random do dads that don't get any love. It feels like literal weight is being lifted off my shoulders to do away with things that don't get used. I'm not a minimalist by any means but I do NEED order and tidiness in my life to be happy. 

I like all the things associated with Valentines Day, glitter, hearts, treats, arrows, cards, flowers, treats, cupcakes, treats, love- but I don't put too much stock into the actual holiday itself. I'm kind of sad that it's going to be over and all the pretty red girly things at the store will go on sale and will be replaced by green four leaf clovers. Blech. Did you do anything special for Valentines Day?

I hope everyone is well, that the sun is shining where you are and that you had at least one cupcake today! 



  1. I love these photos and Yay! for peel apart ones! They are so fun.

    p.s. your rabbits are adorable.

  2. I can't wait to buy so much chocolate on sale tomorrow! Lookout dark chocolate peanut M&Ms!

  3. I love your interpretation for this month's theme! Have a happy Tuesday!!

  4. I love the colours you've gotten out of the Fuji peel-apart film! I always found they tend to be a bit too dark.

  5. I love the Fuji peel-apart film! Be sure to try the B/W as well. One thing that I really love is that it is self-terminating so you can go out and take a bunch of photos w/o peeling them right away and letting them dry, etc. Makes life much easier when out and about on a photo adventure.

  6. alex- I am so stoked on the peel apart film! I think our rabbits are pretty rad too! You'd like em even better if you could watch all the ridiculous things they do together, like clean each other and snuggle!

    mel- I didn't even think about sale candies. I hope Walgreens is still open!

    anne- Thank you! I loved the Sweet theme! So cute.

    ashley- I've only posted the better peel apart photos, rest assured I have about ten pictures that are too dark bc I took them inside. The film is rated at 100 ISO so it's made for bright and shiny days and not for my dimly lit apartment :/

    Juli- I loved the heart on your blog! So cute. I tried to comment but couldn't comment on Blogger earlier today. Weird. You're the second person to recommend the BW so I"ll have to get some on my next B&H order for sure! I am IN LOVE with this film and so excited to be using it, if only I had a more portable camera!