Saturday, September 10, 2011


The door has closed on August. It was a lovely month!

August brought me:

- To Florida to see old friends and their children (which is an insane reminder that I am not the 22 year old I always feel like).
- Some very lovely wedding clients with inspired and personal weddings. I love that!
- A fun trip to Ann Arbor and Hamtramck Michigan with Christopher and my Mom to visit cute cities and family.
- Little jaunts to the butterfly park with our niece, Naya.
- A lot of time in front of my computer trying to learn little tricks in photoshop.
- Heart felt chats with Linn who is now property of Copenhagen until November.
- Sunny trips around the city with my Mom, a person who is beautifully inspiring!
- Some really great feedback on the Print Exchange. (PS. If you participated and made a blog post about it, would you mind leaving a comment with the link?)
- Wonderful Chicago Summer days. I feel most alive during the summer, don't you?!

September has already been so fun and exciting. I have a few projects in mind to accomplish this month in between a trip to New York in a week and a half and then later a trip to the Carolinas to shoot what is building up to be an adorable wedding!

What are you looking forward to in September?



  1. I received 3 wonderful postcards in the print exchange and NEED to make my prints and send to a lovely photographer in the Pacific Northwest.

    2 months left until November 11. Are you ready?

  2. Fun! Let me know if you post pictures of the post cards online anywhere Michael!

    I don't know if I'm ready to be 30 but I have been pinning sequined things to wear! Haha.