Saturday, September 10, 2011


A few weeks ago I got a perfectly cute little mystery package from ! My heart swelled when I saw the packaging, all the attention to utter cuteness in every detail. I was beside myself when I opened up my cute little white box and there lay in pretty pink tissue paper my very own sequined heart! I couldn't believe it! Why so surprised? I didn't order this! I quickly asked my husband and close friends and no one would fess up! Whoever the generous, kind, awesome, thoughtful person is who sent me this little bundle of joy...

T H A N K   Y O U ! 

My day was made and every day after it now that I have this perfect little outfit/hair pick me up! 

Not familiar with Are you freaking crazy- go right here right now! I love their goods, their branding, their sense of humor and to top it off, one of my favorite Polaroid photographers, Jen Gotch is one of the creators! Check em out!



  1. These are so fantastic! You are just so cute! I love the last photo of you in the third strip.

  2. this is so cute azuree! you're the best <3

  3. Thank you Ashley!

    Lindsay- We've GOTTA hit up another photo booth!