Monday, November 28, 2011

MAY 17TH, 2008

I can't believe that our wedding was almost 4 years ago! Our wedding was so much fun. It was small, intimate, and done for under $5000! Because we were on a tight budget and because we were both terrified of being the center of attention we didn't hire a wedding photographer but luckily for us a few of our photo savvy friends took pictures for us and I've never really done anything with them....until now! (Most of the images in this post were taken by the talented Tessa Hutchcroft.)

I want to start posting photos from weddings that I shoot and thought I'd kick it off with photos from my own wedding!

Here's the important stuff. We got married in a small garden and had our reception in an adjoining multi purpose room. We had our friends and family circle around us as we had a lifelong friend of my husband's marry us. The ceremony was short and sweet. My mom walked me down a path to the circle where our friends were waiting for us. As we walked into the garden I saw some friends holding bunnies and once we reached the circle where we were married I saw that one of my best friends was holding a bunny! It was such a sweet surprise!

After we said "I do!" Christopher picked up me and ran down the "aisle" with me. My dress got caught on a plant and gave everyone a little peep show for a minute and it seems like all my friends got pictures in that tiny amount of time! We took some family photos and then went to our dessert reception! We had sweet tea in mason jars, napkins folded into little bunnies and a big ole cupcake for a wedding cake. There was an open dessert bar with all kinds of cupcakes and treats! Christopher's only real wedding request was that we have fish bowls with swedish fish floating in jello because he once dreamt that he had those at his wedding, so of course we had them!

What'd you think we didn't have Polaroids at our wedding? Get outta town, of course we did! We had a few of our friends go around and take pictures of the guests and let them write us notes for our "guest book". Here are a few of my favorites!

I felt so loved when my close friends and family made the trip from around the states to see us get married. Neither one of us wanted a conventional wedding so we had the celebration we wanted. It was simple, cute, and fun. Very us!

Thanks for letting me share our day with you!



  1. Love all the photos! Looks like the perfect wedding. And you look absolutely fabulous. It's been awhile since I've looked our wedding photos...maybe it's time! :)

  2. what an amazing day! everyone is adorable. :) thank you for sharing! xo

  3. Thanks Juli. I hadn't looked at ours in years! I can't believe we've even been married years but it was fun to look back. Minus how skinny I was then. HAHA!

  4. Thank you Jen! It was a very fun day and I'm glad to finally post the pictures somewhere!

  5. Your wedding was GORGEOUS! Your dress was so amazing and seems so perfectly you. You look so happy and fantastic! The photo of Chris carrying you down the aisle... my favorite. :D

  6. The bunny!
    The pretty frilly frothy cupcakery dress!
    The giant cupcake!
    The polaroids!
    This is the sweetest wedding I ever did see. You created such a magical little space. Love all the happiness!

  7. i missed this post -- so sweet!! looks like you guys had a blast!

  8. you are the cutest, ever! we got married in july 2008, so just a couple months after you! yay for 2008 weddings, yours looked beautiful.