Wednesday, November 2, 2011


polaroid 600 

Happy November! I'm not one who usually celebrates months but I love me some November. It's my birthday month (yes, I WILL celebrate all month long), you can easily find pumpkin pie at most grocers and little coffee spots, hot cocoa starts to sound like a good idea, the, leaves look so pretty, honey crisp apples start popping up and who doesn't love the crispness in Fall air?! 

Did you think I forgot about my Wall Star giveaway? No way Jose! Sorry for the delay in the announcement but without further adieu - Congrats to Jen from Painted Fish Studios for winning a set of 8 magnetic Wall Stars to help display your instant images!! Bummed you didn't win? Chin up- head over to The Impossible Project and grab a few boxes and get to shown' off your instant film goods with these handy dandy magnets! 


  1. really?! yay yay yay! i have so many instant photos... which 8 will i chose?!

    ps: happy birthday month!

  2. I'm looking forward to November too. October and September were a mix of bad stuff, so I think November will be awesome.
    And Hurray for your birthday month! Weeeeee!

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