Friday, May 13, 2011


Nesting Dolls

It's been a while since I've shared the things I am absolutely lusting over at the moment. Would you let me indulge in all those not necessary necessities here? Thank you!

- I love everything about this little company. The girls are fun and flashy, the website is adorable and their items are so precious. I lust after these sequined hearts (and am hoping my husband will gift me one, wink wink) but this bandana is one of the greater objects of desire for me these days.
- This lil necklace is too cute.
- This project is basically a dream of mine. If anyone is planning to have a team of photographers photograph the USA anytime soon, LET ME KNOW!
- I kind of totally have a thing for hoodies. A girl can never have too many. Peep this cute Muji one.
- Can this incredible bunny lamp be a part of my apartment? Please?!
- If anyone has 500 packs of instant film they don't want laying around could I please have it so I can make one of these?

What things are you pining over lately?


  1. That stop motion film is AWESOME! I bet you could do it with Instax too... but man, I can't even imagine the cost of it!

  2. Wasn't that so cool! Have you ever seen that Sia video that was created with Polaroids as well? It's so cool but it hurts to watch all those Polaroids waste by!