Monday, May 9, 2011


Seymour Pig

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with inspiration today. Really I'm trying to manage seeing the success of those my age or younger and feeling excited that anything you put your mind to is possible and feeling bummed that I haven't exactly found my path yet. It all weighs in so heavy some days and today was one of those days. C'est la Vie! I just need to take all that inspiration and do something with it instead of losing myself online like I tend to do. Focus, I believe it's called.

That being said, I looked back at my 30 things to do before 30 list and I've been able to cross some of those things off. Here's an update:

 1- shoot a roll of film a week does a photo a week count?
 2- scan in all of my negatives (holy cow) haven't even tried!
 3- visit friends in Europe still a possibility
 4- take the remaining 3 classes I need for my degree hmmm
 5- keep learning French oui! 
 6- drink less soda Although I still drink Coke here and there, I'd say significantly less now! Success!
 7- learn to cook a few meals working on it
 8- drink less sugar in coffee and tea  Try NO SUGAR! Look whose all grown up!
 9- write more letters I have in a project in mind for this.
10- be better about answering my phone Success! 
11- work on two new calendars I am working on one so I won't cross this off just yet.
12- get a lomo lca (I want one so badly!) Still looking..
13- blog once a week HA! Twice a month at best, but there's time for improvement.
14- write in my physical journal more YES! Thanks to Field Notes. 
15- create books with keepsakes from our trips I am truly optimistic that this will get done...
16- make a phone photo book ...and this...
17- make a phone photo book for tessa ...and this..
18- visit new york again (and photograph it well!) Done and Done!
19- portraits of my family in puerto rico Possible.
20- go to puerto rico! I should have put this on my list before the previous one. 
21- photograph the houses I lived in in Florida Oh I hope I can! I'll def be in FL two more times before Nov.
22- get out to the wonderful Chicago museums more Needs work. 
23- drink more water YES! 
24- look people in the eye more during conversations I have made great stride here but won't cross it off yet.
25- teach our rabbits tricks (it's possible!) I feel this is going to be the hardest thing on the list.
26- visit Mel & Juls in San Francisco Very hopeful we can train trip out to California this summer.
27- explore more neighborhoods Not yet, but Spring is afoot! 
28- display photos in a gallery of some sort Yes! Thanks to Victoria with Polaroid Retrospective! 
29- take a trip with my mom Train trip from Chicago to DC. Check!
30- read a book a month Not even close but I have started reading three books...

I still have a ways to go in achieving my goals but I am really hoping to do so.

One thing I should have written on my list and haven't is taking photos of my tattoos. I have a small collections of random pieces that I want to photograph before my body falls completely apart (that's what happens on your 30th birthday right?!) but have no idea how to go about it! The idea of noodz terrifies me and I don't think it's the way I want to go but I do want to share my lovely little pieces of artwork, I adore them so much and often forget I have them until someone else points them out! Perhaps that can be a summer goal.

Another short list, if you'll allow me:
- Take a look at Words To Shoot By. This weeks word was tree and I LOVE all the contributions!
- If you're in the Portland area sign up for one or all of these classes! I believe they will be wonderous and I'm so jealous I can't go!
- This little ladies entire Flickr stream makes me long for Paris camera in hand.
- If you are looking for a unique gift for someone please please consider purchasing a print from To Mama With Love. They are beautiful, affordable and all proceeds are going to a beautiful charity. Read more about it here.
- If you, like me, are a true lover of bunny rabbits take a peek at a book that was just released with photos of our 3 bunnies in it! All proceeds made by the book go to House Rabbit Society so consider gifting one to a bunny lovin friend (like me!) or to your coffee table!
- Lastly, don't forget to grab a print or little card from my shop (and help support my PX680 habit!).

Wow just writing this post has made me feel so much better. Thank you internetz for existing. You crippled my ambitions momentarily, allowed me to vent and have brought me back to my happy place all in a few hours.

I hope everyone is having lovely spring dayz!



  1. Glad that writing this post made you feel better - it made me smile. You are just too cute. And looks to me like you have made great progress with your list!

    I get down sometimes too when I start comparing myself to folks online and what not, but I've gotten better at stopping myself from going there. We all have our own path and our own pace. I am 40 and still don't have much of a path for myself, but I try not to worry about it too much. Who knows, maybe I am doing exactly what I should be doing right now.

    There are a lot of younger people out there (like you!) who seem to be doing SO MUCH and it makes me wish I had a better head on my shoulders ten years ago. But life is pretty good now so it's all okay.

    And my dear, the body does not start falling apart until 40! :)

    Sorry to ramble on...xo

  2. I did this for my 40th birthday last year and I see some parallels! Keep working away on the list - it's okay if you don't get to all of it, I think the best part of the exercise is making the list itself.

  3. Juli- You are so sweet....and hilarious. I think you're right though, there's no use on dwelling on anything and for all we know the path we're on might be the one we're supposed to be on. I like that.

    Michael- I agree. Making the list was a fun challenge. I like that I keep looking back on it though, when I lose motivation and inspiration and the projects keep me on my feet. I'm a project person!

  4. Oh I love this! I should do one too, I haven't done much though, hehe!

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