Tuesday, May 10, 2011



April. This month truly passed the quickest of them yet.

- Saw my best friend become a wife.
- Enjoyed spending time with almost all of my girlfriends in one place for the first time in years!
- Took my first long distance train trip and it was actually really fun!
- The train trip took me to DC where I visited my first gallery exhibit. That was so exciting.
- Became more acquainted with my Mamiya Universal.
- Fell more and more in love with The Impossible Projects new color film- PX680!
- Contributed 2 images of Franny & Zooey and Seymour to a book to raise money for House Rabbit Society (my favorite rabbit resource).
- Blushed when Irene Nam (a wonderful photographer who is an inspiration to me) invited me to contribute a print to raise money for To Mama With Love.
- I got a pair of Swedish Hasbeens (a momentous occasion I've long hoped for)
- Had a scare with 2 of our bunnies while I was out of town and was reminded again how important those little fur balls are to me.
- Three of my photos exhibited in Paris!
- You've brought the showers but I'm still waiting for the rest...

May holds some excitement for me. Our 3 year anniversary (both, "wow already" and "only three years?" at the same time)! Bill Cunningham New York finally arrives in Chicago. Hopefully it'll finally be shorts and tank top weather (my favorite!).



  1. It was fun to see your travels on instragram. :) I'm glad April had so many wonderful moments for you!

  2. Thanks Ashley. It was a great little month. It really went by so fast though and are we really almost in the middle of MAY!?!