Friday, May 6, 2011


Thank You JULI!

Mother's Day is hurling towards us. Haven't gotten your favorite Momma something yet? Please consider purchasing one of these beautiful prints (one of which is mine) and sending your Mom a link to this site so she can see what good her gift will do for others. I don't love to buy into commercial holidays but I have such a great respect to the utter selflessness it is to be a Mother. What an awesome responsibility! Cheers to all you amazing Moms (like mine!)!

The photo in this little post was taken with The Impossible Project's PX680 Color film when it was in beta testing. The First Flush of this film is now for sale on their website.  I would highly encourage you to buy a pack or two and start shooting away with confidence. This color film is beautiful and has some welcomed unique qualities! Grab a pack- you won't be sorry you did! Not convinced? Take a peek at some more PX680 photos on Emily's blog or Patrick's blog (and thank you guys for including some of my photos!)  Photographed here is a little felted heart that my friend Juli so lovingly sent me along with some fun polaroid peel apart film! Pay her Flickr a visit I'm sure you'll enjoy her Polaroids as much as I do! If you are a fan of felted goods please peep her super cute wares on Etsy.

I got home from DC & New York today and am exhausted but also excited to share some photos!



  1. I really like this blog post, I really enjoy spoiling my mother on mothers day. This is a lovely polaroid as well.

    I own a SX 70 camera too, and love shooting with The Impossible Project film.
    Lovely blog you have!