Thursday, May 26, 2011


Bill Cunningham NYC

A few nights ago Christopher and I headed to Music Box theatre, a cute little theatre that looks virtually unchanged since the 1920's. Very cute and cozy. We saw a movie I've been excited to see for a few months now but had to wait for it to get to Chicago, Bill Cunningham New York. I'm not the best movie critic, I like the experience of going out to the movies and so long as I'm entertained I'm pretty pleased with a movie. I don't particularly have strong likes or dislikes but this documentary was the kind you'll definitely buy on DVD and watch over and over. It was equal parts inspiring, humbling and motivating. It's so interesting to see how artists live, work and treat their art.

If you have any interest in New York street style, photography, very adorable quirky old men or fashion then I would have to say you've gotta see this movie. Not convinced? Check out the trailer.


  1. So many people have been talking about this film on Twitter. I'm so out of the loop, 'cause I don't even know who Bill Cunningham is... Thank goodness for the internet though, soon I will have my answer!

  2. I've been meaning to ask you how this was. I remember when you liked to the trailer before and I love documentaries on how artists live and are inspired by their work. Sounds like I need to plan a date night with the Mrs.

  3. Ashley, if you haven't already you should make a point to watch the documentary, even if you aren't familiar with Bill- it will definitely bring a smile to your face.

    Mike- Did you ever end up watching this film?!