Monday, May 16, 2011



My mind is always stirring. Always coming up with something new. I think that I definitely fit into that category of people that is a jack of all trades, master of none because I can't seem to stick to just one thing, apart from photography in general of course. Lately I've accepted instant photography as my format of choice and with that finally settled my little mind has wondered onto a host of other creative endeavors. It seems it's impossible for me to be still. Sometimes I truly wish I could just veg out in front of the TV and not frantically be researching my latest hobby. With that said...

...I am excited about a few projects that I am starting and hope to accomplish by the middle of June! I'm keeping them tucked away for right now but I will tell you that one of the projects afoot is the learning of Photoshop. Something I have long dreaded and feared. The most I've accomplished in Photoshop was how to use Nik Filters (something very easy to do) but thankfully Lightroom came out a short while after so my time to become acquainted with Photoshop was limited. I don't care to learn how to edit photos, more how to design and create things in that magical space. Wish me luck. Say a prayer. Light a candle to the appropriate saint because I'm surely going to need all the positivity in the world to do this. Hopefully the fruits of my frustration laden labor will be design goodness. Otherwise I will continue to physically create things and then digitize them because that's what I always end up resorting to! 

Other projects currently underway:

- I am attempting (rather feebly) to do the Paleo Diet. One free of sugars (doing okay there), flour, grains and dairy (oh uh). I've been doing okay. If only Coca Cola was made of meat. 
- Still learning French! Oui! 
- Keeping plants in our apartment. I have NEVER been able to keep a plant living for some reason. I bought some low maintenance ones and so far so good. 
- Updating the shop with new prints and cards soon as well as working on another calendar for later this year! 

What projects are you taking on this Spring/Summer?


  1. I've been looking for ways to flex my creative side too. What better than a project to kick things off? I've been on this postcard kick since promising to send 40 out this year, so I think that will be my next adventure. SO GLAD to see new posts here!

  2. My summer project is to relax after the crazy amount of wedding plan that this spring has brought. I'm thinking lots of photos, farmer's markets and time to start learning Italian in case we really do get to go to Rome in autumn.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Mike! A postcard swap sounds so fun. I just joined one from Jodi McKee's blog!

    Ashley- You definitely deserve a break. Planning a wedding is so much work! Get Rosetta Stone for your Italian learning. It is a worthy investment in my opinion. I am learning more French that way! Best of luck on your endeavors!

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