Thursday, May 26, 2011


Bill Cunningham NYC

A few nights ago Christopher and I headed to Music Box theatre, a cute little theatre that looks virtually unchanged since the 1920's. Very cute and cozy. We saw a movie I've been excited to see for a few months now but had to wait for it to get to Chicago, Bill Cunningham New York. I'm not the best movie critic, I like the experience of going out to the movies and so long as I'm entertained I'm pretty pleased with a movie. I don't particularly have strong likes or dislikes but this documentary was the kind you'll definitely buy on DVD and watch over and over. It was equal parts inspiring, humbling and motivating. It's so interesting to see how artists live, work and treat their art.

If you have any interest in New York street style, photography, very adorable quirky old men or fashion then I would have to say you've gotta see this movie. Not convinced? Check out the trailer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


my engagement story

Each time I see a lovely proposal online I find myself thinking, I wish I had a special proposal. How quickly I forget that I did have a lovely proposal!

A little bit after I had moved to Chicago from Florida (because it's where Christopher lived and dating long distance was a special kind of hell) we decided to head to Florida to spend Christmas with my Mom there. After our flight I went to visit my Aunt at the store she works at in the airport for a quick minute while Christopher held our luggage in a seating area. When I came back he pointed out that there was a film canister under a seat near us. Excited at the prospect of finding someone's roll of film, I quickly grabbed it and gave it a shake. We were both excited about the treasure we came upon. I opened the canister to see if the world had gifted us a new roll of film or someones vacation photos. I dumped the canister in my hand and along with the roll of film was a little silver circle with bows printed on it. I didn't realize what was happening at first but then I looked over at Christopher and he had a huge grin on his face. I smiled, got giddy and was asked if I would marry him. Of course I said yes and we rushed out to be greeted by my Mom.

I was caught totally by surprise. It was such a sweet special moment!

Today is our 3 year anniversary. I'm excited at the prospect of a trip to the Zoo, a movie or two and a day filled with good food and treats.

In celebration of great wedding proposals you should read these! They are so cute and well thought out.

Patrick Tobin and combines his love for instant films and for his gal in his proposal.
I might think this was creepy if I didn't love muppets so much.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! XO

Monday, May 16, 2011



My mind is always stirring. Always coming up with something new. I think that I definitely fit into that category of people that is a jack of all trades, master of none because I can't seem to stick to just one thing, apart from photography in general of course. Lately I've accepted instant photography as my format of choice and with that finally settled my little mind has wondered onto a host of other creative endeavors. It seems it's impossible for me to be still. Sometimes I truly wish I could just veg out in front of the TV and not frantically be researching my latest hobby. With that said...

...I am excited about a few projects that I am starting and hope to accomplish by the middle of June! I'm keeping them tucked away for right now but I will tell you that one of the projects afoot is the learning of Photoshop. Something I have long dreaded and feared. The most I've accomplished in Photoshop was how to use Nik Filters (something very easy to do) but thankfully Lightroom came out a short while after so my time to become acquainted with Photoshop was limited. I don't care to learn how to edit photos, more how to design and create things in that magical space. Wish me luck. Say a prayer. Light a candle to the appropriate saint because I'm surely going to need all the positivity in the world to do this. Hopefully the fruits of my frustration laden labor will be design goodness. Otherwise I will continue to physically create things and then digitize them because that's what I always end up resorting to! 

Other projects currently underway:

- I am attempting (rather feebly) to do the Paleo Diet. One free of sugars (doing okay there), flour, grains and dairy (oh uh). I've been doing okay. If only Coca Cola was made of meat. 
- Still learning French! Oui! 
- Keeping plants in our apartment. I have NEVER been able to keep a plant living for some reason. I bought some low maintenance ones and so far so good. 
- Updating the shop with new prints and cards soon as well as working on another calendar for later this year! 

What projects are you taking on this Spring/Summer?

Friday, May 13, 2011


Nesting Dolls

It's been a while since I've shared the things I am absolutely lusting over at the moment. Would you let me indulge in all those not necessary necessities here? Thank you!

- I love everything about this little company. The girls are fun and flashy, the website is adorable and their items are so precious. I lust after these sequined hearts (and am hoping my husband will gift me one, wink wink) but this bandana is one of the greater objects of desire for me these days.
- This lil necklace is too cute.
- This project is basically a dream of mine. If anyone is planning to have a team of photographers photograph the USA anytime soon, LET ME KNOW!
- I kind of totally have a thing for hoodies. A girl can never have too many. Peep this cute Muji one.
- Can this incredible bunny lamp be a part of my apartment? Please?!
- If anyone has 500 packs of instant film they don't want laying around could I please have it so I can make one of these?

What things are you pining over lately?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



April. This month truly passed the quickest of them yet.

- Saw my best friend become a wife.
- Enjoyed spending time with almost all of my girlfriends in one place for the first time in years!
- Took my first long distance train trip and it was actually really fun!
- The train trip took me to DC where I visited my first gallery exhibit. That was so exciting.
- Became more acquainted with my Mamiya Universal.
- Fell more and more in love with The Impossible Projects new color film- PX680!
- Contributed 2 images of Franny & Zooey and Seymour to a book to raise money for House Rabbit Society (my favorite rabbit resource).
- Blushed when Irene Nam (a wonderful photographer who is an inspiration to me) invited me to contribute a print to raise money for To Mama With Love.
- I got a pair of Swedish Hasbeens (a momentous occasion I've long hoped for)
- Had a scare with 2 of our bunnies while I was out of town and was reminded again how important those little fur balls are to me.
- Three of my photos exhibited in Paris!
- You've brought the showers but I'm still waiting for the rest...

May holds some excitement for me. Our 3 year anniversary (both, "wow already" and "only three years?" at the same time)! Bill Cunningham New York finally arrives in Chicago. Hopefully it'll finally be shorts and tank top weather (my favorite!).


Monday, May 9, 2011


Seymour Pig

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with inspiration today. Really I'm trying to manage seeing the success of those my age or younger and feeling excited that anything you put your mind to is possible and feeling bummed that I haven't exactly found my path yet. It all weighs in so heavy some days and today was one of those days. C'est la Vie! I just need to take all that inspiration and do something with it instead of losing myself online like I tend to do. Focus, I believe it's called.

That being said, I looked back at my 30 things to do before 30 list and I've been able to cross some of those things off. Here's an update:

 1- shoot a roll of film a week does a photo a week count?
 2- scan in all of my negatives (holy cow) haven't even tried!
 3- visit friends in Europe still a possibility
 4- take the remaining 3 classes I need for my degree hmmm
 5- keep learning French oui! 
 6- drink less soda Although I still drink Coke here and there, I'd say significantly less now! Success!
 7- learn to cook a few meals working on it
 8- drink less sugar in coffee and tea  Try NO SUGAR! Look whose all grown up!
 9- write more letters I have in a project in mind for this.
10- be better about answering my phone Success! 
11- work on two new calendars I am working on one so I won't cross this off just yet.
12- get a lomo lca (I want one so badly!) Still looking..
13- blog once a week HA! Twice a month at best, but there's time for improvement.
14- write in my physical journal more YES! Thanks to Field Notes. 
15- create books with keepsakes from our trips I am truly optimistic that this will get done...
16- make a phone photo book ...and this...
17- make a phone photo book for tessa ...and this..
18- visit new york again (and photograph it well!) Done and Done!
19- portraits of my family in puerto rico Possible.
20- go to puerto rico! I should have put this on my list before the previous one. 
21- photograph the houses I lived in in Florida Oh I hope I can! I'll def be in FL two more times before Nov.
22- get out to the wonderful Chicago museums more Needs work. 
23- drink more water YES! 
24- look people in the eye more during conversations I have made great stride here but won't cross it off yet.
25- teach our rabbits tricks (it's possible!) I feel this is going to be the hardest thing on the list.
26- visit Mel & Juls in San Francisco Very hopeful we can train trip out to California this summer.
27- explore more neighborhoods Not yet, but Spring is afoot! 
28- display photos in a gallery of some sort Yes! Thanks to Victoria with Polaroid Retrospective! 
29- take a trip with my mom Train trip from Chicago to DC. Check!
30- read a book a month Not even close but I have started reading three books...

I still have a ways to go in achieving my goals but I am really hoping to do so.

One thing I should have written on my list and haven't is taking photos of my tattoos. I have a small collections of random pieces that I want to photograph before my body falls completely apart (that's what happens on your 30th birthday right?!) but have no idea how to go about it! The idea of noodz terrifies me and I don't think it's the way I want to go but I do want to share my lovely little pieces of artwork, I adore them so much and often forget I have them until someone else points them out! Perhaps that can be a summer goal.

Another short list, if you'll allow me:
- Take a look at Words To Shoot By. This weeks word was tree and I LOVE all the contributions!
- If you're in the Portland area sign up for one or all of these classes! I believe they will be wonderous and I'm so jealous I can't go!
- This little ladies entire Flickr stream makes me long for Paris camera in hand.
- If you are looking for a unique gift for someone please please consider purchasing a print from To Mama With Love. They are beautiful, affordable and all proceeds are going to a beautiful charity. Read more about it here.
- If you, like me, are a true lover of bunny rabbits take a peek at a book that was just released with photos of our 3 bunnies in it! All proceeds made by the book go to House Rabbit Society so consider gifting one to a bunny lovin friend (like me!) or to your coffee table!
- Lastly, don't forget to grab a print or little card from my shop (and help support my PX680 habit!).

Wow just writing this post has made me feel so much better. Thank you internetz for existing. You crippled my ambitions momentarily, allowed me to vent and have brought me back to my happy place all in a few hours.

I hope everyone is having lovely spring dayz!


Friday, May 6, 2011


Thank You JULI!

Mother's Day is hurling towards us. Haven't gotten your favorite Momma something yet? Please consider purchasing one of these beautiful prints (one of which is mine) and sending your Mom a link to this site so she can see what good her gift will do for others. I don't love to buy into commercial holidays but I have such a great respect to the utter selflessness it is to be a Mother. What an awesome responsibility! Cheers to all you amazing Moms (like mine!)!

The photo in this little post was taken with The Impossible Project's PX680 Color film when it was in beta testing. The First Flush of this film is now for sale on their website.  I would highly encourage you to buy a pack or two and start shooting away with confidence. This color film is beautiful and has some welcomed unique qualities! Grab a pack- you won't be sorry you did! Not convinced? Take a peek at some more PX680 photos on Emily's blog or Patrick's blog (and thank you guys for including some of my photos!)  Photographed here is a little felted heart that my friend Juli so lovingly sent me along with some fun polaroid peel apart film! Pay her Flickr a visit I'm sure you'll enjoy her Polaroids as much as I do! If you are a fan of felted goods please peep her super cute wares on Etsy.

I got home from DC & New York today and am exhausted but also excited to share some photos!