Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 ON HP5

Friday my brother-in-law and I developed some film in my tiny bathroom. We both waited way too long to develop the rolls and couldn't remember what was on them, which turned out to be pretty fun because of the surprise factor. My six rolls were from throughout the year. Two rolls were test rolls from my Diana Mini (which I love because it makes square images on 35mm) and the other four were a mish mash from throughout the year. I thought it was a fun year in review!

I had photos from an underwater camera from a trip to Las Vegas from last year, so many photos of a jaunt we took with friends out to the lake in the middle of a blizzard where we got something like 12 feet of snow earlier this year, photos from my train trip with my Mom to DC to see my Polaroids exhibited for the first time (which was really fun and exciting!), summer fun pictures by the lake and at the park for a free Blonde Redhead show with friends, my most recent trip to NYC where we saw Wicked and of course made a trip to The Impossible Project space, and some random photos from around our home.

2011 has been wonderful, with the exception of losing two of our dear bunnies, but there are so many fun memories to remember 2011 by. I'm looking forward to 2012 and all the adventures it holds!



If you want to develop your own black and white film, take a peek at my tutorial here! It seems a little intimidating, but it's really easy! Give it a try. I like to shoot Ilford HP5 b&w film (it is inexpensive and forgiving!). I use Lomography's "digitaliza" to scan in my film with the sprockets. I just got an Epson V600 scanner and I'm in love. I was using an Epson 4490, which is a great scanner that also scans film but the V600 scans instant film newton ring free, which definitely eases the pains of scanning! Okay, I'm done rambling!

Friday, December 23, 2011


How freaking adorable is gold frame Seymour?!

Reflecting on this past year, I have so much to be thankful for. I've made amazing friends online as well as here in Chicago, accomplished some of my goals, gotten to travel a bit and see friends, shot some wonderful weddings, had fun with family and friends, and enjoyed many rabbit videos on YouTube with Christopher.

I hope you too have experienced a cozy and joyful 2011. Here's to 2012!! Happy Holidays, friends.

Azuree, Christopher, Franny & Seymour

Monday, December 19, 2011


How cute is the felted heart that my friend Juli made? Take a peek at her other felted goodies! 

I had to run some errands yesterday and let me tell you, I do not envy anyone holiday shopping this late in the game!! I get so super stressed around the Holidays so I do everything I can to avoid any additional stress like last minute shopping. 

Did you forget someone on your list and need a little last minute sumptin? How's about a pack of Polaroid Camera Cards (new in my shop!) or my 2012 Instant Film Calendar? It's cutting it pretty close so - if you'd like for me to gift wrap and include a little note with your package I'd be happy to send it to the person it's being gifted to all wrapped up pretty! Just make sure to send me a note on Etsy with the person who you want to send it to's address and let me know you want it wrapped. I'll be using kraft paper with silver ribbon. Simple and cute!

Oh what, you wanted a lil discount? Sure, why not! Use the code "xogift" for 20% you're entire purchase! I'm making daily trips to the post office so hurry and get your order in!

Happy Monday!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The marquee photo was shot on The Impossible Projects amazing PX 600 Gold Frame Film

It's the Holidays which are supposed to give everyone warm fuzzy feelings and peppermint breath but instead I always end up feeling stressed out over gift giving and trying to please all our family members. Thankfully for me, music is my escape. I can always count on certain tunes to put a smile on my face.

My favorite of these trusty artists is Ryan Adams. I love how diverse his records are, how wonderfully clever his lyrics are and the great memories I've attached to his songs. Sunday I had the pleasure of heading to the Cadillac Palace Theatre here in Chicago to see him play all my favorite songs solo. It was wonderful! I've seen him once before with his band, The Cardinals but this time he played solo and I loved it so much. Definitely the best Christmas gift Christopher could give me!

Isn't music magical? I love how a song can take you somewhere beautiful. What do you listen to when you need a little pick me up?


Monday, December 5, 2011


You wanna know who won a pack of The Impossible Projects PX 680 Gold Frame film? It's Leslie Sophia!  I like the Black Frame / White Frame diptychs in her stream. Congrats Leslie!

Thank you for all for sharing your favorites on Flickr! I am going on a favoriting rampage, so much good stuff out there right now!

Do not fret if you didn't win, you can go right here and buy some of your very own Gold Framed instant film. It is perfect for the holidays! 

A big ole THANK YOU to The Impossible Project for generously giving me film to pass along to you. They are such awesome folks!