Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dead birds...

This week I've come across two pretty little dead birds, one day after another. It seems like there should be some kind of meaning to that, but I'm not sure what. I hope this doesn't sound extremely creepy but I think dead birds are so interesting- when they aren't splattered all over the street of course. Perhaps because I can finally get a close look and see all the pretty little details that are hard to see while they soar in the skies.

My head is begging me to lay it down to rest so off I go to the land of nod!


Monday, September 27, 2010


My Little Animals

I have a really awesome project I'm working on that the guys above these here letters are going to be a part of.  I am extremely excited about this project! It is of course for my shop but also for personal fulfillment! I have amassed quite the collection of these cute little animals and have been burdened with the idea of sharing that collection with the world in some way.  You'll see.

My best friend just got engaged a few days ago and already my head is spinning with ideas for her wedding.  I am so happy for her and also so excited to be a part of a really creative and unique wedding. I might not know what to do with myself as a guest or brides maid at a wedding- I'm so used to being behind the camera.

That's my exciting news for right now. It's Monday and I feel like a lot will be accomplished this week which is always exciting to me.  What are you up to this week?

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The Wilco Buidling!!

Dear Chicago,

I love you but why'd you have to be so cold out of no where today?  I wasn't prepared.  I was ready to look cute in my denim skirt, clogs and new cardigan.  Those were bad clothing options for the weather you provided today.  Please don't catch me off guard like that when I plan a day of girly dress up and shopping bliss with my Mom.

Thank you.
Love ya!


This is a picture of "The Wilco Buildings"taken on a Chicago Boat Tour I went on that was REALLY fun!  I took it with my Fuji Instax- a really fun little camera.

Friday, September 24, 2010


me on unplggd!

I am so excited! My friend Joelle and I collaborated on this article for Unplggd about how to take pretty pictures using natural light and a few things you probably have laying around at home. Check it out!

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Gourds are Autumns black sheep. They live in the shadow of the ever popular pumpkin. Well I think they are cute, like a pug is so ugly it's cute! Sorry Mel, Brook and all the other Pug lovers of the world.

This little gourd family is for sale as a card or a print over in the ole shop!

Today has been a really fun day. I watched "Shark Tale" with my friend Mia which was a lot of fun. I'm always so surprised at how sharp little kids are. My friend Mia is six years old and was telling me all sorts of facts about fish and Oreos. It was super cute.

I had one of those days where although I didn't physically accomplish a whole lot I made a lot of decisions that I am really excited about. For one, I've decided to keep up with this blog first and foremost. This was a hard decision considering I have 6 blogs. SIX BLOGS! I'm in the process of shutting some of them down so that I'm not tempted to keep posting there. Please mark this little guy in your RSS feeds or in your blog roll. Thank you, kindly!

While you're doing me some favors, feel free to "like" the xoazuree print shop fan page !

I'm hoping to post here at least three times a week so please keep on comin back. Have a great night friends!

Monday, September 20, 2010


my babies! franny & zooey

New Polaroid and Impossible Project shots are up in the Polaroid section! Should I rename that section since it isn't all Polaroid film anymore?  Does anyone know what the new word for instant film will be?  Instant film sounds BOORRRRING.

If you like what you see don't be scared to stop by my shoppe and buy some prints or cute cards to send to a friend.  Everything in my shoppe started off as a Polaroid, was scanned in with lotsa love and then was professionally printed with archival inks on archival papers.  This stuff is totally lovely and so legit.  Take a peek at

I hope all is well in your world friends.  Things are busy and fantastic over here!