Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm not a big fan of emotional blogging, especially when it comes to frustrations but I am a big fan of keeping it real so an in effort to keep it real- I am so frustrated today! Nothing big, just a lot of little things that have been annoying or irksome. A few technological frustrations (I love the Lion OS but it's slowed my Macbook Pro down quite a bit) and then feeling overwhelmed with the things I want to get done before going out of town this weekend to shoot a fun wedding in South Carolina!

I find that I take comfort in foods when I'm stressed or sad. I could really go for some pumpkin pie and a soy chai latte! What do you do to make yourself take a deep breath and get back on track? I need suggestions!


Did you see the photo above in The Impossible Project newsletter earlier this month?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I did it guys! I finished my 2012 Instant Film calendar!! I am SO stoked to show it to you! I have to say I love the way this one came out and I hope you do too!! 

Take a peek at it here and let me know what you think!! 

So many exclamation points!



I'm having a restless night so this is one of those rather disjointed here's what I'm thinking about posts!

Do you want to lose a solid five hours of your life? Then check this blog out. I blew my Pinterest up with reblogs off this little guy tonight! Incredible how some people have an eye to compose things like that.

I followed a link on Twitter the other day to this amazing website- FabDotCom. Heard of it? I wasn't too impressed until I saw their amazing sale on Incase products and then I fell in love with this Baggu backpack!  I want one in every color.

I am actually excited about Fall. I love Summer and it's still my very favorite season but Fall is exciting too! I usually just detest Fall because it means Winter is on our heels but this year I've decided to embrace Fall and enjoy it. Plus Fall is Pumpkin Pie season. I've already had two...this week!

And blog, while I'm on here can I tell you some of my goals for October? Okay good, here they are:

- Finish a 2012 Polaroid Calendar for my shop (very nearly finished. I am so excited about this)
- Making a big huge amazing book of photos and paper keepsakes from our travels and adventures.  DON'T YOU DARE CALL IT A SCRAP BOOK! This is something I've been meaning to do all year long. I bought the book and the photo paper so now it's just a matter of sorting through photos to print. The thought of doing this is mostly what has kept me from beginning on my project but I hate the idea of taking pictures to immortalize a moment and then not honoring that act by never looking at the picture again! (Really it's the scanning of film that keeps me behind on this. Tisk Tisk)
- A redesign and massive update to my website. I am excited about this and grateful that my husband is willing to change things up for me once a year.

Those are the ones I'm really focusing on. I am also hoping to exercise a little more and make sure to get out as much as possible before Winter makes me a prisoner to our apartment!

What are your Fall goals friends?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Next Wednesday I am heading to NYC for a few days on a fun girls only trip with my Mom and Aunt! We are going to do all sorts of fun dorky sight seeing around the city and I can't wait. 

My friends have been amazing enough to show me the fun & tasty Brooklyn shops and eateries but my Mom and Aunt want to do their exploring in Manhattan. Any recommendations on not super fancy but not hole in the wall eateries not to be missed in the city? 

Now to spend the next few days agonizing over which cameras to bring with me.


I'm watching E.T and 
a.) I would be terrified to bring an alien into my house. 
b.) I have no recollection what so ever of an older brother in this movie.
c.) Does E.T make anyone else really sad? 

Monday, September 12, 2011


This week the word for Words To Shoot By was "monochrome". I had so many ideas I jotted down throughout the week but my favorite things are black it turns out, so black it was. Boring, I know.

What are some of your favorite things? These pictures do not include my bunnies (brown and white), my husband (he's kind of olive colored), my mom (she's Puerto Rican colored) and my army of scarves that help tame my insane short curls!


Saturday, September 10, 2011


A few weeks ago I got a perfectly cute little mystery package from Ban.do ! My heart swelled when I saw the packaging, all the attention to utter cuteness in every detail. I was beside myself when I opened up my cute little white box and there lay in pretty pink tissue paper my very own sequined Ban.do heart! I couldn't believe it! Why so surprised? I didn't order this! I quickly asked my husband and close friends and no one would fess up! Whoever the generous, kind, awesome, thoughtful person is who sent me this little bundle of joy...

T H A N K   Y O U ! 

My day was made and every day after it now that I have this perfect little outfit/hair pick me up! 

Not familiar with Ban.do? Are you freaking crazy- go right here right now! I love their goods, their branding, their sense of humor and to top it off, one of my favorite Polaroid photographers, Jen Gotch is one of the creators! Check em out!



The door has closed on August. It was a lovely month!

August brought me:

- To Florida to see old friends and their children (which is an insane reminder that I am not the 22 year old I always feel like).
- Some very lovely wedding clients with inspired and personal weddings. I love that!
- A fun trip to Ann Arbor and Hamtramck Michigan with Christopher and my Mom to visit cute cities and family.
- Little jaunts to the butterfly park with our niece, Naya.
- A lot of time in front of my computer trying to learn little tricks in photoshop.
- Heart felt chats with Linn who is now property of Copenhagen until November.
- Sunny trips around the city with my Mom, a person who is beautifully inspiring!
- Some really great feedback on the Print Exchange. (PS. If you participated and made a blog post about it, would you mind leaving a comment with the link?)
- Wonderful Chicago Summer days. I feel most alive during the summer, don't you?!

September has already been so fun and exciting. I have a few projects in mind to accomplish this month in between a trip to New York in a week and a half and then later a trip to the Carolinas to shoot what is building up to be an adorable wedding!

What are you looking forward to in September?


Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love these things:

- Whitney and Dave's blog post giving a tour of their cute and cozy home in Portland. (I spy one of my calendars in one of their photos do you!?)

These scarves! I saw them about a year ago, maybe longer and fell in love and out of love in minutes. I realized they were fake polaroids and they carry a hefty price but I always think back on them. I wish I had a few made more affordably and with real instant images!

- Maybe one of these scarves too.

- My go to travel bag- the Fjallraven Kanken!  have a red one. It's probably the best bag I have for toting all my cameras on trips. 

- Have you ever been to the Pugly Pixel? Tutorial overload.

- My friend Cary made a 4x5 camera OUT OF LEGOS. Beat that!

- Kate Spades' super cute blog!

- I have been being these Moleskin Yearly Planners for a few years now. I have an iPhone but don't trust writing my commitments in it. I keep it analog baby!

- My friend Juli took this picture and I am completely in love with it. I also love these super cute zinnias she makes! Juli also made me the heart picture in the polaroid above. Isn't she sweet?!

What are some of your favorite things lately?