Monday, June 30, 2014


I had the most wonderful time in Puerto Rico exploring the island with my Aunt and Mom in May. My trips there are usually spent at home with my Grandma and seeing different family members, which is great but this time around we did more exploring than we ever have! We drove around the island a bunch, which is never dull, you can almost always see the water and there are such gorgeous mountains there. We explored a cave system, saw a bioluminescent bay, visited a huge satellite in Arecibo  (of Contact and X-Files fame), went to a boardwalk, a few beaches, and just drove around the mountains to get some good pork and fixins. I ate ALL the fried foods, by the end of the trip I was begging my Mom to take me any place to get SALAD. Haha.

One of my favorite things to see were all the colorful houses and the pretty designs on the iron garage doors and window installations. I think I've always taken for granted just how beautiful Puerto Rico is !

I'll be posting digital photos soon, but for now here are some film snap shots taken on my Contax T2!


Saturday, June 21, 2014


The latest Words To Shoot By was "numbers". My second out of three words for the blog. I loved all the submissions. It's funny how things are all around us and something will prompt us to start noticing them more. See all the entries on the Words To Shoot By blog.



I love- Florida, weddings, and backyards so you could imagine my excitement when Bryan + Katie asked me to photograph their backyard wedding in Florida!

Most of the backyard weddings I've shot have been in the yard of the home of a parent, a home where either the bride or groom has grown up and that's just so sweet and romantic to me! Although I am a fan of all kinds of weddings, there is something so sweet and laid back about a backyard wedding that I really appreciate and Bryan and Katie's was no exception.

Katie has an online vintage clothes store and she sourced a lot of really cool wedding details from local vintage shops, Etsy, and of course, all the amazing thrift stores that Florida has to offer for both her and Bryan as well as decorations.

Everything was perfect. The landscaping in this backyard was amazing. It was like a perfectly curated fern gully. I was in heaven. Tall trees, palms, spanish moss. I would absolutely live there if I could! I loved the hankies she had for guests to wipe their tears during the ceremony. They also had these doily bombs on the tables and on some of the trees. Did you hear me? They decorated the trees! How perfect is that?!

How super cute are they?

B+K walked down the aisle of vintage chairs to the end of a luscious backyard, had their first dances on the deck of the house, cut their cake in the beautiful screened in porch of the home Katie grew up in and ate all the southern goodness inside and outside with their closest friends and family. Doesn't that sound rad? It was! 

I was lucky enough to have my husband working alongside of me shooting video at this wedding! Take a peek at their super cute video here

Thank you, Bryan and Katie for letting us be a part of such a beautiful day! 

Want more? You can view more photos on my Facebook page! 

No wedding is complete without a roster of vendors that help bring it all together: Photography by yours truly XO Azuree // Video: Christopher Wiitala // Florist: Lee Forrest Design // Catering: Arthur's // Photo Booth:  Indie Photo Booth // Band: Laney Jones // Hair: Tali Brown // Make Up: LT Pena // Signage by Andy Downey