Saturday, September 29, 2012


Earlier this week The Impossible Project came out with a scanning adapter to help rid the world of Newton Rings. I jumped on it as I've noticed recently that my scanner has suddenly been having trouble with Newton Rings. What the heck are Newton Rings, you ask? Devilish little rings that appear when a reflective object is sandwiched against another reflective object, such as an instant photo and scanning glass. To rid yourself of this kind of evil you need to lift the photo off the glass which is precisely what the adapter does.

The adapter is a tray with sticky magic that hold your photos slightly off the glass. Thankfully not too much off the glass, so you don't lose sharpness when scanning. The tray has holes beneath the sticky stuff so that you can easily pop the pictures off the tray without having to bend your images or get your grubby finger prints all over it. The scanning adapter also comes with a handy cloth to help you adhere your image to the tray, again without having to get your finger prints all over. The photo comes up off the tray with ease- the tackiness is just enough! The tray also comes with a little tab to pick it up off of the scanner with.

My thoughts? It's awesome. Not only does it do what it claims, keeps Newton Rings out of your scans but it also allows me to scan four images at once!! I'd recommend this to anyone with Newton Ring problems or even just to expedite the scanning process. Where was this when I scanned in my entire archive of instant photos?!

You can get your very own here!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This weeks Words To Shoot By was "water". There was an open call for entries and I'm in love with pretty much every single one. So honored to be among such talented photographers!

Don't forget, if you live in New York you should head over to the Holden / Impossible Project Party! 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


All images by the talented Benjamin Stone

Do you have a friend that always finds the best vintage finds AND is beautiful and knows how to work her wardrobe / body / hair / make up? Yeah, I do too and her name is Naomi Storey and luckily for you and me she's decided to share her amazing vintage finds with us in her shop, Storey Threads.

Naomi has such a gift for knowing what pieces will look excellent and which to leave behind. She selects her pieces carefully and mends/cleans all of her beautiful garments to guarantee wearability! I'm pumped on her store not only because of the amazing pieces, but how great are these photos? Ben Stone killed it!  I love the detailed diptychs and the styling is wonderful for someone like me who lacks imagination when putting outfits together!

Take a peek into the life of this hot momma on her blog and do yourself a favor and like Storey Threads on Facebook so you can see the latest and greatest vintage clothes and accessories!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


New York friends mark your calendars, this Thursday September 27th an exhibit is opening at The Impossible Project space in SoHo with one of my instant photos exhibiting! I am really excited and honored to be showing at The Impossible Project space as I adore it, but sad that I can't be there. Why don't you go in my place and tag me in a few Instagram photos, please and thank you! 


Friday, September 21, 2012


I always mean to post photos of the wonderful weddings I get to shoot but always forget. I'm going to try to make a habit of posting wedding photos the same month they happen. 

Let me start with Louis & Kristen who were wed earlier this month in New York. Their awesome wedding took place on a rooftop in Midtown! I had so much fun and am so honored that they trusted me with their wedding day!

I always ask my clients if they'd like me to shoot instant photos at their wedding. I was pumped when Louis and Kristen were all about it! It's such a fun novelty to have on a wedding day! 

How cute is that picture of them laughing at the alter? One of the groomsmen dropped the ring really close to the edge of the building! 

You can see different photos from their day on my *new* website as well as on my photography Facebook page