Thursday, July 21, 2011


Let's Trade Prints!

Inspired by the kindness of a sweet friend and by this fun postcard swap I thought it'd be fun to put together a print exchange! I love to take pictures and love the idea of sharing art and being able to use photography to brighten someones day. Combine my loves of photography and receiving mail and you've got a sweet print exchange! 

If you'd like to participate please email me at me[at]azureewiitala[dot]com with a link to your blog, website and your address. On Monday I'll randomly draw names and email you someones address so you can mail them a print! Your name and address will also be handed out and you too will receive a sweet little print. It's that easy! 

Already some of my favorite polaroid photographers have expressed interest! I am so excited. Would you mind helping to spread the love? Give this post a little Tweet or reblog! Thanks!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Peonies Please

I have recently been thinking of doing a gift exchange of some kind. I love putting together and sending out care packages. I get to do that a little with my Etsy shop but want to do something a little more with the idea. I LOVE receiving mail.

Recently I partook in Jodi's really fun postcard swap this Summer. I just loved it when the post cards came in the mail, each one a pleasant surprise! My friend Juli has sent me quite a few wonderful little packages filled with gifts, I actually just received one today! She gifted me a pack of film that is no longer made. A true precious sentiment and physical gift! I got so happy when I saw her name on the packaging and elated when I opened it! I think it'd be so fun to establish a network of giving to do just this!

I think it's a good idea but don't know how to get the ball rolling in practice. I thought of possibly doing a really fun print exchange. There are dozens of people on Flickr I would love to trade prints with (that is assuming they'd like anything in stream) but don't know how to approach it.

What do you guys think? A gift / print exchange? Would you participate?

In a perfect world my Etsy would be completely free. I wish there was actually a website for commerce where you could set your items for sale with the "pay as much as you'd like" approach. You could set suggested prices but let someone purchase for what they can afford.  I've seen bands do this with music and this is a business model that would make me feel great about selling my goods! Does anyone know if something like this exists?


Monday, July 18, 2011


I love every week of Words To Shoot By, but this week was extra special. In celebration of Polaroid Week on Flickr the theme was "instant"! Go take a look at all the wonderful instant talent and see if you can spy me in a set or two!


Friday, July 8, 2011



Ah, back home in Chicago. So glad to be here. I am trying to see what I've missed since my departure from the internetz a few weeks ago. Here are some hi-lights:

- A wonderful film giveaway Jess is having over at her wonderful blog, Analog Adventures
- Amanda is putting together AN INSTANT FILM RETREAT IN MARRAKESH!! Yes, please!
- Become a cow tomorrow and Chik Fil A will give you a feel meal! 
- One of my favorite bloggers is teaching a physical class here in Chicago on how to make your blog cute and fun to read! If I had more pennies in my bank I would totally be there! 
- My good friend Skye started a little shop to sell her handmade deer jaw bone necklaces. Get you one here! 

So friends...what else did I miss?! I shot SO MUCH polaroid while at the festival. Portraits even! I can't wait to scan tomorrow or Saturday and share with y'all. 


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tres Jolie!

I'm back in Chicago! So glad to be home and connected to the internet. It was nice to be away for a few weeks but I'm ready to feel civilized again! June is gone and here are some of my favorite parts of it!

- June brought to my days so many beautiful flowers, including the one pictured from my cousins wedding. 
- A fun road trip from Chicago to Florida with my Mom and Christopher. My heart delighted in the rich greenery and my tongue delighted in all the Chik Fil A I could handle!
- While in Florida I managed to sneak a date in with Tiffany and Todd! My favorite newly weds. 
- Super 8 made me feel like a ten year old kid again. Don't you love movies that excite you while you watch and give you a new lust for life afterwards? Don't miss it- it's the kind of movie you want to see in the theatre.
- Went on some fun photo adventures with Lindsay!
- My ears delighted in the sounds of Bonnie Prince Billy - a show I've wanted to see for so long!
- Left for the woods and didn't have a horrible time! More on that soon. I have much scanning to do. 

How was your June? What are you looking forward to in July? I'm stoked on a visit from my favorite Swiss Miss and to have some downtime after the festival.