Monday, April 15, 2013


School has been so exhilarating, but also very time consuming and at times exhausting. Today was my first day off that I've gotten to spend mostly at home in a long time. I've spent the day catching up on my Women's Literature class and my eyes and mind are exhausted! I needed a little break and what's a better distraction than the internet?!

Here are a few websites that I could easily call my happy places, in case you need to get away for a few minutes to hours as well!

- Cubicle Refugee. How she finds this amazing content on a regular basis is beyond me. She must have the most optimized search engine for cool images EVER. Regardless, I'm so happy she shares her eye candy with the world. 

- Design Love Fest. If you've read my blog for a while or you know me, my obsession with this cute, ambitious, and talented graphic designer / teacher is no secret. Her blog remains one of my favorites. She writes honestly and loves to share her journey as a rising artists / blogger / cool gal. 

- Pinterest. That's a no brainer right? But I've found that Pinterest is only as good as the people you follow! Here's a link to the people I think are pretty darn good pinners.

- Tokyo Camera Style. As if I don't already have a serious issue with camera lust, this website aims to have you searching on Craigslist for camera rarities for the rest of your life. 

I'm looking forward to graduating in a few weeks so that I can have a life outside of academia again! 


Y'all are following me on Tumblr too right? I'm posting over there more regularly with lots of film photos to boot!