Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 ON HP5

Friday my brother-in-law and I developed some film in my tiny bathroom. We both waited way too long to develop the rolls and couldn't remember what was on them, which turned out to be pretty fun because of the surprise factor. My six rolls were from throughout the year. Two rolls were test rolls from my Diana Mini (which I love because it makes square images on 35mm) and the other four were a mish mash from throughout the year. I thought it was a fun year in review!

I had photos from an underwater camera from a trip to Las Vegas from last year, so many photos of a jaunt we took with friends out to the lake in the middle of a blizzard where we got something like 12 feet of snow earlier this year, photos from my train trip with my Mom to DC to see my Polaroids exhibited for the first time (which was really fun and exciting!), summer fun pictures by the lake and at the park for a free Blonde Redhead show with friends, my most recent trip to NYC where we saw Wicked and of course made a trip to The Impossible Project space, and some random photos from around our home.

2011 has been wonderful, with the exception of losing two of our dear bunnies, but there are so many fun memories to remember 2011 by. I'm looking forward to 2012 and all the adventures it holds!



If you want to develop your own black and white film, take a peek at my tutorial here! It seems a little intimidating, but it's really easy! Give it a try. I like to shoot Ilford HP5 b&w film (it is inexpensive and forgiving!). I use Lomography's "digitaliza" to scan in my film with the sprockets. I just got an Epson V600 scanner and I'm in love. I was using an Epson 4490, which is a great scanner that also scans film but the V600 scans instant film newton ring free, which definitely eases the pains of scanning! Okay, I'm done rambling!

Friday, December 23, 2011


How freaking adorable is gold frame Seymour?!

Reflecting on this past year, I have so much to be thankful for. I've made amazing friends online as well as here in Chicago, accomplished some of my goals, gotten to travel a bit and see friends, shot some wonderful weddings, had fun with family and friends, and enjoyed many rabbit videos on YouTube with Christopher.

I hope you too have experienced a cozy and joyful 2011. Here's to 2012!! Happy Holidays, friends.

Azuree, Christopher, Franny & Seymour

Monday, December 19, 2011


How cute is the felted heart that my friend Juli made? Take a peek at her other felted goodies! 

I had to run some errands yesterday and let me tell you, I do not envy anyone holiday shopping this late in the game!! I get so super stressed around the Holidays so I do everything I can to avoid any additional stress like last minute shopping. 

Did you forget someone on your list and need a little last minute sumptin? How's about a pack of Polaroid Camera Cards (new in my shop!) or my 2012 Instant Film Calendar? It's cutting it pretty close so - if you'd like for me to gift wrap and include a little note with your package I'd be happy to send it to the person it's being gifted to all wrapped up pretty! Just make sure to send me a note on Etsy with the person who you want to send it to's address and let me know you want it wrapped. I'll be using kraft paper with silver ribbon. Simple and cute!

Oh what, you wanted a lil discount? Sure, why not! Use the code "xogift" for 20% you're entire purchase! I'm making daily trips to the post office so hurry and get your order in!

Happy Monday!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The marquee photo was shot on The Impossible Projects amazing PX 600 Gold Frame Film

It's the Holidays which are supposed to give everyone warm fuzzy feelings and peppermint breath but instead I always end up feeling stressed out over gift giving and trying to please all our family members. Thankfully for me, music is my escape. I can always count on certain tunes to put a smile on my face.

My favorite of these trusty artists is Ryan Adams. I love how diverse his records are, how wonderfully clever his lyrics are and the great memories I've attached to his songs. Sunday I had the pleasure of heading to the Cadillac Palace Theatre here in Chicago to see him play all my favorite songs solo. It was wonderful! I've seen him once before with his band, The Cardinals but this time he played solo and I loved it so much. Definitely the best Christmas gift Christopher could give me!

Isn't music magical? I love how a song can take you somewhere beautiful. What do you listen to when you need a little pick me up?


Monday, December 5, 2011


You wanna know who won a pack of The Impossible Projects PX 680 Gold Frame film? It's Leslie Sophia!  I like the Black Frame / White Frame diptychs in her stream. Congrats Leslie!

Thank you for all for sharing your favorites on Flickr! I am going on a favoriting rampage, so much good stuff out there right now!

Do not fret if you didn't win, you can go right here and buy some of your very own Gold Framed instant film. It is perfect for the holidays! 

A big ole THANK YOU to The Impossible Project for generously giving me film to pass along to you. They are such awesome folks!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Welp. Just when I was beginning to fall madly in love with PX 600 UV Black Frame film The Impossible Project releases this Gold Frame film in both color and silver shade editions. Good grief it's good stuff and  a perfect gift for the photographer in your family or if you're anything like me, for yourself!

Take a peek at what other people are doing with this golden film in this Flickr group.

The kind folks at The Impossible Project want to share this little treat with you so they've given me a pack to give away! Aren't they sweet?! To enter to win a pack of PX 680 Gold Frame film just leave a comment with your email address (so I can contact you if you win) and I'll randomly choose a winner on Monday, December 5th. If you wanted to be awesome you could leave me a link to your most recent favorite photo but if you're not feeling super ambitious, that's okay too :)

You can see one of the photos I shot with the PX 680 Gold Frame in a new collaborative blog my friend Mel and I are posting to, Ours et Lapin. Go on over and take a peek!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!


If you are new to instant films take a peek at these little informative posts I made a little while ago!

Monday, November 28, 2011

MAY 17TH, 2008

I can't believe that our wedding was almost 4 years ago! Our wedding was so much fun. It was small, intimate, and done for under $5000! Because we were on a tight budget and because we were both terrified of being the center of attention we didn't hire a wedding photographer but luckily for us a few of our photo savvy friends took pictures for us and I've never really done anything with them....until now! (Most of the images in this post were taken by the talented Tessa Hutchcroft.)

I want to start posting photos from weddings that I shoot and thought I'd kick it off with photos from my own wedding!

Here's the important stuff. We got married in a small garden and had our reception in an adjoining multi purpose room. We had our friends and family circle around us as we had a lifelong friend of my husband's marry us. The ceremony was short and sweet. My mom walked me down a path to the circle where our friends were waiting for us. As we walked into the garden I saw some friends holding bunnies and once we reached the circle where we were married I saw that one of my best friends was holding a bunny! It was such a sweet surprise!

After we said "I do!" Christopher picked up me and ran down the "aisle" with me. My dress got caught on a plant and gave everyone a little peep show for a minute and it seems like all my friends got pictures in that tiny amount of time! We took some family photos and then went to our dessert reception! We had sweet tea in mason jars, napkins folded into little bunnies and a big ole cupcake for a wedding cake. There was an open dessert bar with all kinds of cupcakes and treats! Christopher's only real wedding request was that we have fish bowls with swedish fish floating in jello because he once dreamt that he had those at his wedding, so of course we had them!

What'd you think we didn't have Polaroids at our wedding? Get outta town, of course we did! We had a few of our friends go around and take pictures of the guests and let them write us notes for our "guest book". Here are a few of my favorites!

I felt so loved when my close friends and family made the trip from around the states to see us get married. Neither one of us wanted a conventional wedding so we had the celebration we wanted. It was simple, cute, and fun. Very us!

Thanks for letting me share our day with you!


Friday, November 25, 2011


xo azuree
It's crazy shopping day y'all! I'm not going to lie, I love a great deal! I've been a little neglectful putting my 2012 Instant Film Calendar out into the world and considering that it is a day to shop for others for ridiculous prices let me extend to you a little discount! We all know that the bigger shops can offer the most deeply discounted prices and that buying locally and independently made goods might cost a little more - but it's well worth it! Thank you all for your support this past year! It's been so much fun making my goodies and I really appreciate you spending an extra few bucks to support a little guy like me!

Sooo the goodies! Use the code "xoshopindie" for a 35% discount off your entire order in my shop! This would make a great gift for just about anyone who likes to know what day it is, but especially for a fan of instant films and photography in general!

Here are a few posts featuring my calendars:

Camera Luv (hey, thanks Jeremy!)
Ashley Moore
Painted Fish Studio

Happy Black Friday! Be safe!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


PX 600 UV Black Frame (!)
The last Words To Shoot by for 2011 was "by". I decided to show "who" all my contributions were by - my SX-70, myself, and the Mamiya Universal! I loved how differently everyone interpreted this word! Take a peek.

I'm bummed this is the last one for the year but am excited for 2012! I am also excited to have started another blog to keep myself shooting - Ours et Lapin! Please follow Mel & I and the tales of our two cities there! What do you do to keep yourself shooting?


Sunday, November 20, 2011


One of my best friends and I started a little collaborative blog called Ours et Lapin! We will be photographing a theme or word once a week and posting it to our blog. Mel lives in San Fran and I live in Chicago and we wanted to celebrate the similarities and differences of our cities as well as stay motivated to shoot! Won't you please follow us over at Ours et Lapin?

Looking for other fun collaboration photo blogs? Look no further! Here are a few of my favorites!

Words To Shoot By
35mm Doubles 
London Vs Paris
Sixty Four Colors
His & Hers

Happy Monday!


Friday, November 18, 2011


Last night I had the privilege of heading over to The Field Museum (at night!) for Tory Burch's 2nd ever runway show with the very talented Paul Octavious. We were asked to cover the event with our iPhones and post to Instagram! It was such a great job. The collection was 1920's inspired and beautiful. It seemed like such a pleasantly quirky departure from what you might expect from Tory Burch. We both went home with goodie bags filled with macaroons and other fun gifts. You can see some of our Instagram photos on Refinery 29.

Paul and I made our way to the train after the event, admiring the city from The Field Museum and snapping pictures of dinosaurs. All in all- an excellent night!

Connecting with Paul has been so much fun! We realized we live in really close to each other in the same neighborhood even! I'd love to connect with more Chicago creatives! If you live in the city come to a photo meet up Saturday, November 19th being held at The Vintage Camera Shop, which I hear shouldn't be missed! I'm excited to check it out tomorrow. See ya there?!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


px 600 uv 

I am so excited to be Instagramming live from the Tory Burch runway show at the Field Museum with Paul Octavious tonight!!

If you don't have an Instagram account, do not fret, you can see all the photos here!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Guess what guys, The Impossible Project is coming to CHICAGO! I am so excited to hopefully meet up with so many of you - my online friends!! This is the perfect occasion - Dave Bias, amazing photographer, ginger beard, vice president of The Impossible Project extraordinaire is coming to Chicago! There's going to be a fun little shin dig at The Vintage Photo Shop this Saturday, November 19th from 3-6pm! DO NOT MISS IT!

If you aren't familiar with The Impossible Project this is the perfect opportunity to come and have some hands on time with the films, experiment, learn from some pros and get great tips. If you are already familiar with the films come and meet some fun photographers, get a little tipsy, make some friends and have your portrait made! Word on the street is that there is going to be specials on the films and possibly the cameras as well!

So- are ya coming?!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


px 680 ff

Thank you all for your warm wishes on my new endeavor! Your support and such kind encouragements mean so much! I am really stoked on this! I will be making some posts with some recent wedding photos after this week.

As I've mentioned a million times before - it's my birthday week! I am SO excited to be turning 30! My twenties have been so fun but I'm looking forward to being a real grown up. I even started wearing lipstick this week - something (for some odd reason) I've always equated with being a real woman!

I know some people would rather pretend birthdays don't exist and just treat it like a normal day but I get EXCITED about my birthday. I like to celebrate it for an entire week and my family is nice enough to indulge me. This week all I can think about how my bur bur falls on 11.11.11 and I'll be 30- a very special birthday if you ask me.

That being said- it's been hard to concentrate on anything else. Not to mention I get very easily distracted by TwitterPinterest, how cute bunnies are, and the like. Do you know what's been helping me keep my sanity?  A little app called Evernote!

While I was in Florida a few weekends ago I was showing my friend Todd my favorite features of the newer Lion OS on my Macbook Pro. When I opened my laptop he literally laughed out loud at the out of control number of sticky notes I had open. I quickly defended my need to have reminders, to do lists, and a place to jot down random notes & ideas. He agreed that it's smart to stay organized but promised me there were better ways. That's when he introduced me to Evernote! Probably the best app I've downloaded other than Shake It Photo & Instagram in my entire life. It's a really cool app that lets you jot down notes with the option to have a physical box to check something off your list (whoa), it has an app you can download for your phone & iPad that syncs so you can have all your information on whichever device you chose to use! Why didn't I hear about this sooner?! There are tons of other very useful features but those are really my favorites. The best part- IT'S FREE!

This has improved my productivity immensely! What do you do to stay productive and organized?

Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello friends! As some of you may know I dabble in wedding photography. It's actually something I quite enjoy doing and have decided to pursue more seriously. A lot of the traveling you hear about on the blog and Twitter are to shoot weddings and let me tell you, I have such a blast at each wedding I shoot. I've been so lucky to work with creative brides, friends, and couples whose love is inspiring and over all, very amazing people!

I have been hesitant to post wedding stuff on this little guy, truthfully my fear is falling into that category of cheesy wedding blog, but my husband has encouraged me that that is not who I am or who my clients are either so hopefully you will all enjoy the wedding photography I post on here!!

That all being said, if you have a pal that's getting hitched soon and needs a fun, hard working, bilingual photographer who would love to also shoot instant film....SEND 'EM MY WAY! You can take a peek at my wedding portfolio here!


Friday, November 4, 2011


Forgive the "next" in some of these images as they were almost impossible to avoid as I screen captured. 

Jamie Livingston decided one day after realizing that he had taken a photo a day every day for a month, that he would take one Polaroid a day for the rest of his life. That he did. For 18 years Jamie took a polaroid a day until the day he died. Looking through his archives, which his friends have digitized and put online, you can get a feel for what his life was like, the interesting people he came across and a glimpse into his world or the way he saw the world.

Seeing this project made me feel really sentimental. I'm not sure if it was just seeing that last photo and knowing that he died rather young of cancer the next day or thinking that this project is beautiful and loving the idea of looking into someones life via Polaroids. Jamie Livingston was basically Instagramming in 1979! What a wonderful thing, to see the world so beautifully and to have such dedication to a project.

I wish this was a book, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Take a look at Jamie Livingston's life in Polaroids or as he called his project "A Photo A Day" and be inspired!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Is it really Friday already? This week has gone by so quickly. Come to think of it, this entire year has just flown past me! I guess that's a good thing right?

I wanted to show you guys these two sets of really cute Polaroid notecards I won over at Nectar & Light a few weeks ago. Both sets of cards have been on my wish list for quite some time now so I was thrilled to have won them! They are just as pretty and nice as I had expected. Each card is about the size of a real Polaroid and even has a shiny finish to it to complete the look of a Polaroid.  Each photographer is credited on the back of each card and being the nerd that I am, I looked each person up on the internet and thought I'd share the lovely talent with you guys! In no particular order:

jen gotch 
shu fang lee (sadly, I couldn't find a link to correspond with this person :( )
jen altman (Jen curated both sets of cards and is one of the main contributors of the Pretty Polaroid Notecard sets along with Amanda Gilligan and Susannah Conway- all very talented gals!) 

And because I'm a gal who can appreciate some good packaging I think it's worth mentioning that the boxes these come in would be perfect little storage boxes for your instant photographs! 

Go ahead and order a box or two as a gift for your friend who loves photography, she's sure to love these little gems. 



I saw this pay phone the other day and wondered, do people use pay phones? I wonder what the going rate is for a call?

I have been rather blog happy recently, just really enjoying a mix of fashion, art and of course photography blogs! Here are a few great ways to get lost in the internet reading blogs:

Cubicle Refugee. A color curated blog of visual insanity. I love this blog.

City Sage. I love this mix up she does of a persons outfit and a room. What a cool idea!

Nectar & Light. I have loved this blog for a while now. This gal's got style, adorable little girls, a way with instant film and beautiful tattoos.

The Blue Hour. He documents his life so beautifully. Each post is cozy and inspiring.

Mackpar. All of her posts make me want to set my tiny apartment on fire and start over.

Design is Mine. I love this post with the pretty clutter.

35mm Doubles. I love joint effort blogs. This one is so great. One roll of film, double exposed by two different people!

Yours Roxanne. Look at the AMAZING instant film/illustrations this gals made. Makes my lil heart swoon.

The Impossible Project: 8 Exposures. TIP is featuring one different instant film artist each week, asking them 8 questions and showing 8 of their photos. They featured me on one of their post, take a look!

What are some of your favorite blogs lately?


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


polaroid 600 

Happy November! I'm not one who usually celebrates months but I love me some November. It's my birthday month (yes, I WILL celebrate all month long), you can easily find pumpkin pie at most grocers and little coffee spots, hot cocoa starts to sound like a good idea, the, leaves look so pretty, honey crisp apples start popping up and who doesn't love the crispness in Fall air?! 

Did you think I forgot about my Wall Star giveaway? No way Jose! Sorry for the delay in the announcement but without further adieu - Congrats to Jen from Painted Fish Studios for winning a set of 8 magnetic Wall Stars to help display your instant images!! Bummed you didn't win? Chin up- head over to The Impossible Project and grab a few boxes and get to shown' off your instant film goods with these handy dandy magnets! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


px 70

I am a lover of scarves. It's true. I like the fancy kind you can wrap around your neck in the summer or put in your hair year round and I even love the kind that keeps you snuggly and warm in the winter. The dilemma for me with my intense collection of scarves is how the heck to wear them more than three ways.  As we all know scarf season is upon us and I felt like the fashion gods smiled and winked at me when I came across this video on Creature Comforts.

Ladies, scarf wearing gentlemen- how to wear a scarf....


Don't forget to enter to enter my giveaway to win some Impossible Project magnetic wall stars to help you show off your instant photos around your home, office or any other magnet friendly surface!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


You know what this is a picture of? A dang shame is what it is! All those pretty pictures stored away in boxes never to see the light of day again. Oh the horror. The injustice to pictures everywhere!

That's all in the past now! Liberate your images from their boxy prison with Magnetic Wall Stars!!! This genius (and very well designed) box has in it the freedom your instant images have long been waiting for! Each box comes with 8 opportunities to display your images on any metal surface!

Each magnetic X comes with a sticky side. Simply peel back the paper, place the Wallstar on the back of your favorite instant photo, press down a little and voila! You are ready to curate a gallery of instant goodness on your fridge!

The folks at the Impossible Project want to get your photos out of storage and out into the world so they've sent me a box of Wallstars to give away!Simply leave a comment with a link to your Flickr account (if you have one, if not- that's okay just leave a lil comment) and I'll randomly pick a winner Friday to receive a little box of magnetic joy!

If you can't wait that long go buy a few boxes and start showing off!



Now that you've dug out that old Polaroid camera or begged Uncle John to give you his Land Camera that's just sitting in the garage let's look at some examples of the different films that are available to use.

jen gotch, mine, mine

adam goldberg, kim oberski, patrick tobin

heather champ, emily hunt, kelly knaga

brooke castro, jeff hutton, mine

dave tuttle, jessica hibbard, juli werner

whitney johnson, anne bowerman, mia moreno

mine, mine, mine
mine, ryan marshall, mine
If you're wondering which film can be used with which camera, please take a look back on this helpful lil post.

These are just some of the many pretty pretty instant film pictures on the internet! Here are a few of my favorite Flickr groups you might want to have a peek at:

The Impossible Project
Instant Flowers
Impossible PX Color
Bonjour Pola
Pola Pajaros
'Roid Week 2011

The Impossible Project also has some awesome user populated galleries- go look and be inspired!

The Impossible Project films are gorgeous aren't they?! Did you notice that you can get the PX 600 UV and PZ 600 UV films with black borders in addition to the traditional white borders? I am currently obsessed with the PX 600 UV Ace Hotel edition of this film. It comes in a really neat little box that can be used for storing your precious pictures. I want a hundred of them.

These films are really fun to use, but there are a few tricks you'll want to keep in mind when shooting with them. The most important thing to do is to shield your film from light immediately..as in..as it comes out of the camera. There are a few different ways to do this, I use a dark slide, which is the black thing that dispenses out of your camera when you put a brand new pack of film in. Take it, hold it up near where the film comes out of the camera making sure it is going to cover the film as it ejects and sneak the image away into your pocket with the dark slide over the image as soon as you take a shot and your almost guaranteed a pretty picture.

darkslide illustrations by the insanely creative amanda mason.

The Impossible Project recently came out with an easier method of shielding your film, an accessory you add to your camera called a frog tongue. You just add this little guy to the lip of your camera and a piece of magic black goodness will shield your image from light! Easy peasy. Get your hands on one if you can!

One of my favorite parts of shooting instant film is the community that has been built around it. I have made some wonderful and inspirational pals through this community! A great big thank you to all the lovely folks who let me use their photographs for this post! Please click on the names of each contributor below each set of images - you can thank me later.

What's next? A give-away!!! Stay tuned!


Thursday, October 20, 2011


In the last post we talked about integral or polaroid film, now let's talk about pack film!

Pack film is also known as peel apart or type 100. This film is a different size than integral film and does not work in integral film cameras, but it does work in these cuties:

The almighty Land Camera!
   - Named after it's inventor, Edwin Land (the instant film hero!)
   - These cameras are really sassy little things. They have bellows so they can fold up nice and small.
   - They have a lighten/darken wheel to control the exposure.
   - Most Land Cameras use a rangefinder focusing function, which is when you see two images in the viewfinder that you have to line up.
   - There are several different models of this camera some a little fancier than others but generally the same look and make.
   - There are some neat accessory kits available for these cameras too!

Pictured above is the Super Colorpack IV.
   - This camera is less sophisticated than the Land Cameras above.
   - It also takes pack film and with practice produce nice pictures!
   - This is more or less the point and shoot of pack film cameras.
   - It's a little bulky and it doesn't fold down but it's good and sturdy.

Pack film cameras do not spit out your picture, you have to pull the tab on the film and pull the film out of the camera. If you forget to pull the film out of the camera the next picture you take will be on the same sheet of film which, can be really fun or kinda frustrating. My friend Dave has taken some pretty cool double exposures this way which you can see here. When you pull the film out of the camera, it spreads chemicals over the picture, developing it. You peel one layer off which will have some chemical goop on it and then, just like magic, you've got a picture in your hands! 

These cameras, much like the Polaroid integral film cameras are also easily found on Craiglist, eBay and thrift stores rather inexpensively. Again the gamble is not knowing right away if they'll work or not unless you have film and batteries to test them with. The Land Cameras take a special kind of battery and the Super Colorpack takes 2 double A batteries before they'll work so keep that in mind when you're thrifting! My friend Cory over at LandCameras.com spruces up and completely refurbishes Land Cameras so if you want a safe bet, buy one from him!

Before digital camera technology was available using Polaroid pack film was the only way photographers could see a sample shot of what they were shooting on film! Many professional medium format cameras have interchangeable backs that can hold different kinds of film. One of those kinds was a Polaroid back which would hold pack film so a photographer could take a test shot and see what their shot was going to look like. The most common cameras that can use Polaroid backs are Hasselblads, Mamiya RZ/RB models, Contax 645, and my favorite, the Mamiya Universal - pictured above. Isn't she pretty? These cameras will run you significantly more than the Land Cameras, but are also more diverse and fancier. 

Fuji makes film for these cameras that are readily available and for pretty cheap! The films aren't quite as sexy as the original Polaroid films which are no longer produced but you can get some nice results.  My favorite of the 3 available films is the Fuji 3000B (not pictured). It is a higher ISO film, which means that it is more sensitive to light than the films you see pictured above. Those films are rated at an ISO of 100 while the 3000 is rated at an ISO of 3200 which means you can shoot in pretty dark conditions and still get a nice picture. You can purchase these films at LandCameras.com and B&H.

I hope you enjoyed this post! The last post in this series will have examples of what all these films and integral films look like, a few trips and tricks to use with the films, and a fun giveaway! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Do you have an old Polaroid camera sitting around your house you got at a thrift store a few years ago? Did ya know you can use it?! There's something thrillingly nostalgic about Polaroid, isn't there? Unfortunately Polaroid quit making their instant films a few years ago but luckily for us The Impossible Project has made it their goal to re-invent some fun and beautiful instant films to keep the instant dream alive! I'm by no means an expert on the subject but I do love instant photography and want to do my part to spread the love. Here is a little information to help you get started!

When you hear folks talking about instant film they are probably talking about one of two types: integral or pack film.

Integral film is self contained. It has chemicals inside it that don't leak out (unless something has gone wrong!). It's what comes to mind when you hear the word "Polaroid". With pack film you have to peel one layer off to see an image and the chemistry is on the peeled paper, which is why it's sometimes called peel apart. These two films can't work in the same cameras. In this post we'll focus on integral film cameras.

Here are the most common cameras that take integral film!

These cameras are typically called "600 cameras".
   - They are the no fuss point n shoot instant film cameras.
   - Most models come with built in flash, a darkening/lightening wheel, and some models have a primitive macro setting.
   - The camera on the top left corner is called a 680. It's my favorite of all the polaroid cameras. As you can see it folds up real sexy like, has a flash you can turn on or off, and you control the focus! Luckily for me I married into ownership of this gem!
   - There are tons of different models of these cameras but you probably get the general idea.
   - These cameras take Polaroid 600, which is no longer produced and rather expensive on eBay. Luckily for us The Impossible Project makes the following films for these cameras, pictured below, PX680PX600UV+ , and PX600.

Pictured above are a few different models of SX-70 cameras. 
   - Most models of SX-70 cameras fold up, which I think is nice and really sets these apart. They are my favorite kind of instant film camera to shoot with. 
   - The fold up models are an SLR, so they are a fancier instant film camera with more features.
   - Most SX-70 cameras do not come with flash attached like the 600 models. You can purchase either a flash unit to attach to it, or flash bars to provide flash though. 
   - They're just so cute aren't they?!
   - The Impossible Project makes a film called PX70 that is made specifically for these cameras but you can also use the previously mentioned films, the  PX680PX600UV,  PX600, and Polaroid 600 with a special filter called a Neutral Density or ND filter you put over your film. More on that later.

The Spectra is a lot like the 600 cameras but it takes a wider format of integral film. More to love!
   - The Spectra cameras I own have some really cool features like a self timer, and the ability to turn the flash off.
   - This camera can rather easily make double exposures!! A double exposure is when you take two pictures on one piece of film. There's an awesome tutorial on how to do that here.
   - The Impossible Project makes films just for this camera. They are PZ680, PZ600, and PZ600UV.

But how does it work?! Magic. I mean, really it is magic with some science behind it ;) You pop in the cartridge of film, close the mouth of the camera and hit the shutter button...click...whirl....you have a picture in your hands! It's that easy! The film has chemicals inside of it that spread when the image is being ejected out of the camera. Photojojo made a really fun blog posts explaining exactly how that works, you can see it here.

Most of these cameras can be found easily and cheaply at thrift stores or on Craigslist. The only way to test to see if the camera works is to insert a pack of film and take it for a spin though, so it can be a gamble to buy them this way. If you want a safe bet, The Impossible Project sells refurbished and guaranteed to work ones! Hooray!

Still have questions? Take a peek at my other two blog posts where I'll discuss pack film, show examples of the different films and talk a little bit about accessories!

If you feel well informed and want to get your grubby little hands on a camera and some film, get to shopping!