Sunday, March 27, 2011


Christopher and his beloved

Y'all. The Impossible Project has struck instant film gold with their newest stuff- PX 680. Get your freaking hands on some if you can because it is the goods. You can see a few more that I've taken here. I have two more packs and will be working on more images this week so long as the sunshine continues to shine in Chicago. Please and thank you.

I found out yesterday that a few Polaroids I took will be exhibiting in Paris, FRANCE! Oh how I wish I could go see them there. I am so elated. If you live in France or will be there on a trip - stop by and send me some pictures of my stuff hanging out!

Although this weekend has been very productive it's also been laid back and relaxing. Don't you love those kind of weekends? I hope you are all having wonderful days. Enjoying some sunshine and maybe a bunny or two.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A glorious thing.

Blog. I've been a stranger. Life happened all of a sudden and the minutes to sit and contemplate all that is happening have been few. I am making some right now because I am overwhelmed with goodness. Today I received in the mail an issue of Elle Girl Korea that three of my polaroids were published in. It was a feast for my eyes. I was very flattered to be among other photographers that I admire -Whitney Johnson and Amanda Gilligan! If you haven't seen their work, get on it, your eyes will thank you later.

I just wrapped up some framed Polaroids to ship off to an exhibit in DC called Exposed: The Polaroid Retrospective. (One thing to mark off of my 30 before 30 list!) If you're in the area in April you should stop by and check it out! I am so thrilled to be exhibiting with other wonderful Polaroid photographers. I just wish I could be there on the opening night. Instead I will be preparing to celebrate the nuptials of one of my best friends in sunny Florida. A little vacation that I am entirely looking forward to. I need the sun, the spanish moss but most importantly - my girlfriends. We are coming from all corners of the US for this occasion and I am thrilled to see my gals.

Chicago isn't quite experiencing the burst of Spring that is happening everywhere else but I am still thankful for jacket instead of coat weather and that I can give my Hunter boots a little break. They are cute but you get tired of wearing rubber boots everyday. I can't wait for flats season to really be here!

Oh! I haven't posted since we got back from tour. Tour was pretty fun. A whirlwind of a few days but really great times. I enjoyed making friends with the gentlemen in Marksmen. Seeing blossoms and friends in Georgia. Meeting a wonderful pair of moms in Ohio. Seeing some friends and some wonderous housewares in New York as well as a wonderful visit to The Impossible Project space. Driving on the highway (there's something romantic about the road isn't there?) Meeting new friends and enjoying their juicer. I love traveling this way. Meeting new people. Seeing new and old places and friends. Enjoying the hospitality of strangers. Already I can't wait for the next round of dates. Hopefully this time music will take us to the West Coast!

As usual there is too much on my mind so I'm going to go into list format in three, two...

- Have you seen this photographer/musicians blog? He has an affinity for instant films and quirky iphone videos that win me over. He seems to have a compulsion for peel apart photo making that is to be reckoned with.
- Look at this picture and tell me it's not magic.
- Did you see what everyone came up with last week at Words To Shoot By?
- If you're tired of eating cereal for 2 meals a day, like I am, you might fall in love with this blog too.

More soon. What have you wonderful folks been up to these days?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wife and Husband

A scatter brained post from the road. I am glad that I came out on tour with Christopher. I am the merch person and part time driver. I love driving. I don't do it enough in Chicago so I get my fill when we go out on tour. See also: Chik Fil A, Cracker Barrel, ALL KINDS OF SWEET TEA, friends near and far, SUNSHINE, picture taking and a lot of listening to Sunny Day and Ryan Adams. Don't judge me. Please.

Being "on the road" (I hate the way that sounds but it is what it is) is inspiring. Seeing new things. Meeting new people. Seeing how strange and different each town is. It makes me keep my camera in hand and I like that. It is also amazing to partake in the hospitality of strangers. It is hope inspiring.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it out West this year. I've been up and down the East coast several times but have barely touched on the West side of the States.

February, gone already. February was a strange month. The things that ring out in my mind is the loss of Peter and a sigh of relief when my mom was able to move ever closer to us. Both things happened on the same day actually.

I have high hopes for March. A visit with some friends on this tour, a quick trip to The Impossible Project, an exciting new purchase/investment (I'll tell ya once I have it!), meeting some internet friends and warmth. Please weather gods, send down your spring time angels!

Does anyone know of a way to read my blogger blogroll on an iphone? I can't seem to access all of the blogs I follow via my blogger dashboard on my phone and would like to keep up and post while I'm out. While you're at it, do you know if a portable polaroid scanner exists? I need this to get out of my dreams and into my car. Please and thank you.