Thursday, April 19, 2012


How rad is this Spectra Photobooth?!

March stormed by me. Where did that month go?

March brought:

- Chicago 70-80 degree weather, which is practically unheard of.
- the signing of a lease for our much bigger apartment. (and that isn't saying much!)
- me to be humbled when I spilled coffee all over myself on the train and a stranger showed me kindness.
- some really fun photo walks with Rachel.
- the knowledge that Lomography is soon opening a store in Chicago!
- Seymour to the doctor for a check up where we found out half his eyes are blue!
- a BEAUTIFUL new batch of color film from the Impossible Project, PX70 & a Flash bar for SX-70 cameras.
- The Style Rookie to the camera shop I work at. I think she's so cute, so it was really fun to see her wander into a little camera store in Oak Park!

March was so great. April has been just as fun so far but I can't wait for May! We move in May, it'll be nicer weather (it got cold again in April- what was up with that tease March?!), I'm hoping to have a bicycle by then (I need help with that! Any suggestions for a nice city bike for a girl who does not have strong legs?!) and we'll be that much closer to my favorite part of the year...Summer!

Don't forget to leave a comment right here to be entered to win a free pack of PZ680 color film for your Spectra camera!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have from an early age been a huge fan of office supplies, stationaries, stickers, pens and pencils. I was all over Lisa Frank and I to this day have the sticker collection from my childhood! I have always thought there was something so special about a pretty piece of paper on which to write a nice note. When traveling I am that person who steals away pens and pads of paper from hotels as memoirs. I see these kinds of things as such practical souvenirs!

Last year I went to an iPhone app unveiling party with my friend Joelle. There were yummy treats, delicious drinks, and most importantly....goodie bags! My goodie bag came filled with beautiful orange pens, notebooks, rulers and fancy little all black pencils. I was overjoyed. I looked up the brand on my perfectly sized notebook for toting around in my purse and my heart leapt when I saw what a cool office supply company Poppin was! Simple, colorful designs for your office needs! They were kind enough to send me a box of goodies to photograph and I excitedly did!

Their notebooks have this amazingly textured paper that is great for doodling in. The smaller one that I have is perfectly sized for Impossible Project shots or Instagram prints.

It was perfect timing as I had just received my two packs of The Impossible Projects special edition Nigo PX70 Colorshade film. One of their best batches of color film yet! Each pack comes with 8 different colored frames. The colors complimented the cute Poppin products so well! I had so much fun shooting these pictures.

Am I alone in my love and hoarding of office supplies?!

Monday, April 16, 2012


The Impossible Project's PZ 600 Black Frame Film
I've had two Spectra cameras for some time now without giving either one of them very much love. It wasn't until I decided I wanted to play around with double exposures that I dug out my Spectra Onyx (pictured above) and gave it a spin. I took these photos of Christopher and Trevor, my husband and his twin brother. It was such a fun challenge to compose each shot! I thought double exposure portraits are the best thing ever, so I've been having fun taking them this past week!

I'm kind of sad I've overlooked the Spectra for so long. They have self timers, you can turn the flash on or off, and you can trick them into letting you take double exposures! The Impossible Project made a great video tutorial on taking double exposures, check it out. If you need a little inspiration look at all the awesome Spectra double exposures on Flickr!

Do you have a Spectra camera at home in need of some love? Why not give double exposures a spin?! The Impossible Project was awesome enough to send me a pack their pretty PZ680 film to giveaway to one lucky person! In order to win, leave a comment with your name and an email address you can be reached at! Please don't forget to leave an email address so if you win I can notify you! I'll pick a winner Tuesday, April 24th.

The Impossible Project makes three awesome films for Spectra cameras, PZ680 - a very pretty color film, PZ600 UV+ - a nice silver shade film, and PZ600 Black Frame film which is pictured above!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


PX70 The new stuff! These photos don't do it justice!

Words To Shoot By celebrated it's three year anniversary! I was really excited to have a chance to bust out The Impossible Project's newest batch of PX70 film. My photos don't do it justice, the color this film produces is so great!

Take a peek at everyone else's contributions, they're great! I knew green would be a good one!


Thursday, April 5, 2012


I, along with everyone else whose a big instant film enthusiast, can not wait to see this film by the talented Grant Hamilton.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


These four images were taken by the truly talented Jen Gotch.

One of my favorite photographers, Jen Gotch, has opened a print shop! Be still my racing heart! I want one of each, please and thank you. Speaking of hearts, Jen makes some of my very favorite accessories, hearts!

You can see many more of her pretty pretty Polaroids here.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?