Friday, January 20, 2012


Polaroid Classic DIY Paper Camera Kit
I like miniature things. I do. Miniature rabbits, obviously...I love them. Miniature nesting dolls, yes please. Even things like a miniature pan of eggs, I'm all over it. Of course I nearly lost my mind when this Polaroid Classic Paper Camera Kit arrived. The kit includes some of the more iconic Polaroid cameras- miniaturized and paperized for you to assemble.

S O   F U N!

My very favorite part of this kit was the little Polaroids it comes with, one for each camera! When you rub your finger on the little Polaroid an image appears! I squealed a little bit when I realized this. So cute. 

Should you get yourself a miniature paper Polaroid camera kit? Of course you should. You should order yourself a set of those dapper film storage boxes while you're at it, you can thank me later. I'm definitely one of those weirdos who gets really excited about packaging and I love the design aesthetic The Impossible Projects got going on with their packaging but these little boxes make my heart pitter patter. You might be asking yourself if I'm seriously that excited about boxes, but let me tell you buddy, these boxes are so great. They look awesome, hold about 30 photos, are the perfect size for integral and peel apart film and have those amazing white spaces for LABELING. Organization, here I come! 

The Impossible Project loves you and so they've generously sent me a Polaroid Classic Paper Camera Kit to give to ya! Just leave a comment with your favorite type of Impossible Project Film and why (I'm just curious to see what everyone is loving right now) and your email address to be entered to win. I'll pick a winner next Friday! Don't forget to leave your email address though, so I have a way of contacting you!

If you don't want to wait head on over to The Impossible Project's shop and get you one and don't forget these swank boxes


Thursday, January 19, 2012


PX 100 Test Film ( I am completely in love with this film)

Seems like most are resolving not to make New Years resolutions. I get that. I have no delusions that our ab roller will get any love or that I'll ever fit those size two Miss Sixty jeans I bought in Italy a few years ago.

Last year I made a 30 before 30 list and really enjoyed looking back on it and seeing my accomplishments and being reminded of my ambitions. I didn't get everything done on my list, but that's okay, it's been really encouraging to see the things I did accomplish.

In 2012 I hope to:

Visit my family in Puerto Rico
Take portraits of my family in Puerto Rico
Finish organizing paper keepsakes and pictures
Keep up with my physical journal better
Pursue wedding photography as a job
Shoot a photo a week on film
Get some art and photos framed and hung up in our home
Read more (one of my bucket list goals is to read a good amount of the classics. What are some of your favorites?!)
Be a better listener
Do a month in review post every month (I looked back on these recently and loved them and was sad I lost my gusto for them somewhere along the way)
Drink less soda
Get out of the habit of double spacing after a period (perhaps a dumb goal but my husband gets on to me about this)
Be less frantic about having a clean house (a resolution my husband will really love me for) (but in my defense, when you live in an apartment this small you really have to be on top of things)
Become more aware of the photo community in Chicago (and possibly more involved but that's scary)
Finish my portrait project on The Impossible Projects PX 100 film, put it online and possibly make a little book (dream goal)
Be happy with what I have (this is mostly in regards to the Hasselblad 500c/m and Leica M7 I search Craigslist for every single day, a few times a day)
Get a portrait made with my Mom (difficult since neither of us particularly like having our picture taken)
Go on an vacation of any proportion with Christopher (we haven't vacationed alone since our honeymoon!)
Keep learning French

Trust me there is more that needs to be accomplished but I'm drawing a blank. What are some things you hope to accomplish this year?


Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have a confession to make. I'm one of those creepers who when I'm visiting your house I take it all in. I wonder what's in every cabinet. You're catching me up on whats new and I'm wondering what's hidden in the drawers of your new bureau. When I go to your bathroom you'd better believe I open the cabinets to see what kind of lotion you use during the Winter. I told you, I'm a creeper! I'm just so curious about how others live. I think that's largely my attraction to interior decorating blogs and things like The Selby. I get a glimpse into the life of another person. It's so fascinating to me!

Naturally when I came across The Burning House blog it quickly became one of my favorites. The blog poses the question- if your house was burning what would you grab in a mad dash to bring with you? I submitted this picture of some of my most prized possessions and it got posted! I was so thrilled to see it on there!

What would you bring with you if your house was burning?


Monday, January 2, 2012


A look back on 2011, an exciting year filled with travels, really fun firsts for me and lots of pictures!

January was a snowy lazy month. The kind where you get a bunch of projects done and plan for the upcoming ones.

In February we frolicked with friends in a blizzard that brought Chicago to a  halt. We had about ten FEET of snow some places! It was wild. We lost our bunny, Peter Jennings which was very difficult, but were wonderfully comforted by friends and kind strangers alike. That experience really made me appreciate all the friends I've made on the internets in 2011!

In March I embarked on a journey to the East Coast with Christopher and Trevor as they played their songs in The Wiitala Brothers. We saw some old friends and made some new ones. It was wonderful. That was an exciting month as we got a new little bunny, Seymour after losing Peter Jennings. I also had some Polaroids published in Elle Girl Korea! Very exciting to grace the pages alongside Whitney & Amanda!

In April I saw one of my best friends become a wife & was a bridesmaid. It's so different to attend a wedding and not be shooting it. I loved every minute. The wedding was beautiful and perfectly Tiffany & Todd. It's always fun to go back to Florida.

In May my Mom and I took a train trip to Washington DC to see my Polaroids exhibited (for the first time!). It was really fun and special. After DC I took a bus to NYC and played tourist. It was a great little trip. May was also our 3 year anniversary. We went to see Bill Cunningham NYC in a super cute tiny independent theatre here in Chicago. That movie was so inspirational and I'd been looking forward to seeing it for so long.

In June Christopher, my Mom and I packed ourselves in a blue Subaru and headed down to Florida for my cousins wedding. It adventure...a very long drive. Florida was wonderful as always. We got back just in time to head down to work at the festival we work for every summer. It was the funnest time yet!

July brought joy in the form of my friend Daniela. She came all the way from Switzerland to hang! It was so fun to see her and to do fun summery things together. Sadly one of our bunnies, Zooey (he was our favorite!) died rather randomly. We still don't know just what happened and we miss him every day. On a nicer note I got to pal around with a photographer I'd long admired and was so happy to make a new girlfriend, Lindsay Josal.

In August I went back to Florida again to shoot another wedding. It was so quaint and wonderful. I shot my one and only pack of ID UV (thank you Juli!). We went to Hamtramck Michigan to visit Christopher's parents with my Mom, which was really fun. Always a relaxing time in Hamtramck. There's something so special about Detroit that I hope to explore more with my camera this year. I was also featured on Paul Giambarba's blog, which was truly an honor!

In September I met with New York again. This time on a girls trip with my Mom and Aunt. We did really really touristy things but it was so fun and my Aunts first time in NY!

I shot two great weddings in October. One in Florida and one near Asheville. It was so peaceful to be up in the mountains and the wedding was extremely special and cute! After my trip I decided to take the plunge and pursue wedding photography more seriously! I also got to catch up with my pal Israel who is a full fledged hippy mountain man. I was also featured on The Impossible Projects blog series- 8 Exposures- where they ask different photographers 8 questions. It was such a thrilling honor!

In November I made some wonderful new photography friends. I got to shoot a Tory Burch runway show at night in The Field Museum with the wonderfully talented Paul Octavious....with our iPhones! It was such a unique experience! I also turned thirty. Yikes!

December was a strange month. The holidays were stressful and we were met with some surprises around every corner it seems. Christopher gave me the gift of Ryan Adams for Christmas. It was amazing. I saw him play solo at a great theatre here in Chicago with my friend Nathan. Christmas never felt like Christmas for some reason but in a very neutral way.

It's been so refreshing to connect with creatives this year and to be so very inspired by friends! I am so thankful for the many friends I've gotten to know and spend time with this year both "online" and in real life. It's so fun to recap the year and all the wonderful things that have happened. Here's to a beautiful 2012!