Friday, June 29, 2012


Shot on The Impossible Project's PX70 Cool Film

I'm pretty much in love with:

- This blog's features on cute couples
- My friend Parker's wedding video, shot on film of course!
- The Impossible Project's PX70 Cool film
- A Restless Transplant, an amazing blog cataloging one heck of an adventure this dude is taking across America
- Downtown Abbey. I know, I know I'm late to the game but I don't watch much TV and I'm just getting into this whole Netflix thing!
- This simple Mid-West shirt
- Allister Ann's beautiful self portraits
- A "Little Free Library"?! Yes please!

Don't you love this VW bus? I was taken by it when I saw it in my neighborhood. It brought back the fondest memories of playing the "punch buggy" game with my family when I was younger. Did you ever play that?!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


May has come and gone and we're nearly at the end of June. So much can happen in a month. Isn't that incredible? In a month a life can begin, one can end. A marriage can be forged which is really the launch of an exciting adventure that will hopefully be lifelong. I have been busy capturing that day, a couples wedding day. It's been an amazing month to be photographing for me! My weekends have been filled with love and laughter, good eats, and capturing special moments in the lives of two families.

It's finally Summer in Chicago! The leaves are bright green, flowers have bloomed everywhere! The bus stops are filled with people decked in their brightest neon short shorts and bikinis heading to "the beach". I have been enjoying the pool we have in our new place! My friend Hannah and I have been making whirlpools and then floating in a circle, soaking up the sun (with sun block on of course!)! I love Summer. It's my favorite season. Everyone's getting cold treats, grilling, having backyard parties, and traveling to visit friends! Let's not forget how watermelon flows bountifully this season. Summer makes me feel so alive.

And as such, I have been away from my computer. I've missed posting here and hope to make it a regular habit again!

What are some of your favorite things about Summer?!