Thursday, December 30, 2010


A quick post from Hamtramck Michigan where we're visiting my in-laws until tomorrow when we'll return to our Windy City.  There is something so engaging about Detroit.  It's insane to see an industrialized city in utter shambles.  It seems as though for each neighborhood street with 20 houses only 5 are inhabited, the others abandoned, burned or in complete dismay.  To think this was such a booming city at one time and now it looks like a post apocalyptic city from one of those movies where people have to fight off cannibal gangs to survive and try to find other non cannibals living on earth.  Seriously.  I know there is hope for this city and that a lot of young artists are taking advantage of the incredibly cheap foreclosure deals (I saw a news clip of a couple that bought a house here for ONE DOLLAR, needless to say it needed a lot of work- but ONE DOLLAR.) and buying houses, making community farms and artist work spaces.  People are taking advantage of getting land for cheap or free and are creating urban farms and gardens to live more sustainable lives and make all of this abandoned space useful.  I love this idea and am really excited to see what's new each time we come to visit.  I hope that when it's warmer I can come and take some photos of the city because you really have to see it to believe it.

New Years is just around the corner!  I've rarely done something to celebrate and can't imagine this year will be any different.  Does anybody have a New Years tradition my husband and I can borrow?  I feel inspired by these two wonderful year end recaps Lingered Upon and DailyPic-Isabelle, and plan on putting one together tomorrow or Friday.

In the meantime here are some goals for myself for 2011:

- make the books I talked about here for friends.
- work on a project for my etsy shop.
- develop film at least once a month.
- make and frame prints for our apartment.
- take more photographs of people (I can be so shy about this).
- go on a jaunt to France.
- dive into the world of pack film.
- purchase a Hasselblad (fingers crossed!).
- go out and explore little Chicago's little nooks more.
- be more patient.
- archive one years worth of negatives by scanning them (oh boy.)

What goals are you setting for yourself?  Did you achieve any goals you set for 2010?

Thursday, December 23, 2010



Thank you all for your warm responses to my previous post.  I really appreciate the time people take for complete strangers.  Life can be so beautiful. Thank you for the reminder!

It's too early for me to think in complete thoughts so please accept a post in list format.

- I am loving this idea and photographer. I need to physically print more of my photos out.  
- Today I hope to develop a few rolls of b&w that I've shot in the past few weeks.  I hope to do this more consistently in the new year.
- Did you realize it's going to be the year of the RABBIT in 2011?  I'll just take that as my year. Please and thank you.
- Dropped my cards and calendars off at a brick and mortar store in Wicker Park last night! I'm going to go back in a few days to take pictures of the display and will of course post that here.  I am so excited! I never thought my cards would be in stores.
- Christmas isn't really just a few days away is it?  Still doesn't feel like it.
- Is it incredibly dorky that I get really excited about ordering things in the thousands from Uline? (it is isn't it?)
- Yesterday I received the owire I've been waiting for. Book making here I come!
- Today I hope to take pictures to accompany the tutorial I mentioned a few posts ago.  The tutorial will also be made into a book.  I might be book crazy for the next few months. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely time of the year spent with friends, family or whatever it is that you find cozy.  


Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today my little niece Sumaia made a kissing sound that my brother used to make. The sound alarmed me- I could see my brothers lips pursing to send us kisses, I could hear the noise he would make and I could see his smile.  I fought back tears because my Mom was behind me and I didn't want to fall apart in front of her. Our memories are so powerful.  I was so happy to hear that little noise and to have that memory.  A little Christmas joy.  A real gift.

This innocent little gesture reminded me how short life is and how we shouldn't take a minute of it for granted.  That got me thinking about what I do with photography which is a great passion of mine.  It reminded me not ever stop doing what my heart leads me to do which is a nice reminder when I start to think how'd I'd love to make my living doing photography in one way or another.  I start to consider different avenues of photography that will permit me to make money and photograph at the same time albeit not my ideal kind of photography or format.  Isn't life too short to sell myself short?  Shouldn't I just passionately and unabashedly create what is somewhere within me regardless of whether it will grant me success, status or monetary gain?  Yes, clearly I should.  The artists I admire the most put so much emphasis on doing what your heart desires and putting aside trends and what may be commercially viable.  That makes me think, aren't the artist that get recognition the ones doing something different? - not imitating what's already been done or what is popular at the moment?

My heart says shoot polaroids like they weren't barely in stock.  Make books because you want to and forget whether they will be accepted by many or anyone at all, make them because you can't not make them.

I want to live life to the fullest. To be thankful.  To be thoughtful.  I want to breathe in life every day.  To smile and brush those little things off my shoulder.  I have such high hopes for 2011.

My brothers name is Charlee Adiexen Norman.  I haven't written that in more than six years because it's easier to say "my brother" than to breathe his name.  And I've been afraid to write this in a public place because I'm not looking for sympathy and I don't know if this is too intimate but he was and continues to be such an inspiration to me that I think he needs the recognition as an important person in my life that he deserves.  My brother, Charlee passed away six years ago and his life and death have affected my every day life.  His love is the purest and most selfless that I've ever known and I miss him every day.  My every wish is that I could see him again for ten minutes.  To feel his hands, to see his smile and to hear his voice just once more.  I want to live more freely this year like he did.  I don't want to take anything or anyone for granted any more and I encourage you to tell someone you love them.  Not to put off that picture you wanted to take or that song you wanted to write. Do it and do it with everything you have and remind me to do the same.


Saturday, December 18, 2010


My lips are so incredibly chapped.  Nothing seems to make them better.  I can only lather so much Aquaphor on my lips! Does anyone have a cure for me? Please.

Things continue to be busy.  Even though I know Christmas is just days away it still doesn't feel quite like it yet.  I'm hoping I'll wake up and it'll hit me because I want to be excited but it's just not happening this year.  I do love having Christmas lights up, seeing pretty wrapped presents, enjoying Christmas treats but then things like the obligation of buying gifts (something I think should be done out of the overflow of your heart not because it's demanded by a holiday), Christmas commercialism, the frenzied look on peoples faces when you venture out to stores- these things put such a distaste in my mouth for the holiday.  At least everything looks pretty or cute and tacky right?

Lately I've been excited about:

- snow flakes
- a tutorial I'm working
- developing two rolls of film
- shooting more 35mm film (gotta be conservative with whats left of my 600)
- Dove Winter Care bar soap
- ideas for new projects for my etsy shop (40% off my entire shop until Sunday! with code- xoblog)
- the prospect of ringing in the new year with my best friend!
- all the lovely new blogs I've been reading
- writing more

What's been making you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When my husband and I got home from tour last month I quickly and excitedly developed some film and scanned it in and the pictures have just sat in my computer for almost a month now. Boo. This is why I am better suited to take instant photographs- no editing required! At any rate- take a peek at my Flickr account for some New York memories.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Our little tree

Blog! I've been so wonderfully busy lately with my shop (and the huge sale I'm having! - head over and get 40% your entire purchase with this code "xoblog").  I love love love putting together little packages, making sure the calendars, cards and prints look great and thinking about how exciting it is to receive mail.  I do not love the actual post office experience however the APC machine is a modern miracle in my opinion.  They should have those next to Redbox.

I have been thrilled with the prospects of winter projects lately.  I bought a binding machine for a special project I am working on for my shop but I am also excited to make all kinds of little books with my machine! I just can't wait to start.  So far my favorite ideas are to make a book of my all time favorite cell phone pictures (both received and taken), a book of polaroids (of course) and I really want to make a few story books for my little nieces.  Do you have any other book ideas for me?

This past weekend I sold at my first two craft fairs ever.  It went great.  It was really fun to see people's reactions to my goods, especially the older folks who could fondly remember using Polaroid films and cameras.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that something that brings me so much joy to create can bring equal joy to another person!  Additionally a shop is going to sell my cards! I never even considered having the courage to approach a brick and mortar store and asking them to carry my cards but in this case they asked me and I am happily going to deliver in just a few days.  I'll post some pictures and a link when I do! I am so excited.

What is exciting you these days? The snow and hot cocoa?  All the festive lights?  The prospect of Christmas treats?


Sunday, December 12, 2010


Happy holidays! I'm going to make a real post tomorrow (promise) but in the meantime head on over to the shoppe and pick up a 2011 Polaroid Calendar for that photo lover in your life at 40% off!  Just use coupon code- xoblog !

I hope everyone is having peaceful days during this uber busy time of the year.


Monday, December 6, 2010


pretty pretty peonies

The day of my last post I had one of those days where extremes of delight and heartbreak were had.  It was snowy and beautiful outside. I was reminded of how wonderful and exciting life is and reminded of the things that aren't beautiful and exciting about life at the same time.  It was one of those weird days.  I came home to these super pretty peonies!! Isn't it incredible what something natural and pretty can do to your spirit?! I am always surprised at how mysterious the world is. I love it. And my husband for surprising me with perfect timing.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today. I feel that yearly cold coming and I have to admit I'm a total baby when it comes to being sick.  I don't like taking medicine so I just have to tough it out with tea and enough orange juice to make me jaundice.  Although I feel achy and lousy I know that I could be so much worse and have been thinking about the things that I am thankful for (I know I missed the boat for this post during Thanksgiving time) so in no particular order I present to you a few things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for:

- family
- friends (near and far)
- for my husband- Christopher who always supports my ambitions and crazy pursuits
- my mom who is an incredible lady and always an inspiration to me (she deserves her own post)
- little bunnies because they are just TOO cute (especially ours)
- peonies-carnations-and wild flowers because they always bring a smile to my face
- photography because it fills me so and keeps memories alive
- the love of something greater than all the beautiful things that exist or that I could conceive
- Coca Cola classic for being so tasty (although it is my total weakness and vice)
- little things like my scanner scanning polaroids without newton rings all of a sudden(!!), having a cornerstore right next door to our building, the way snow decorates naked trees, how B&H is so super fast delivering items to me and finding blogs and photos online that make your heart swell.

What are you thankful for these days?

Saturday, December 4, 2010


First Snow

Feeling somber, even though it is a beautiful snow wonderland outside.  It's so easy for me to spiral when I feel sad.  Luckily it is usually a short lived emotion/feeling/whatever you would call it.  Sometimes life is so  heavy and real I feel that I can barely breath. I can't understand. I can't change things.  It's just this joy/mystery/weight/ and it's so real.

Feeling helpless to something is such a horrible feeling.  Remembering how each day is not promised is the sobering thought that usually helps me get out of this funk.  There's little time to drown in sorrows because tomorrow isn't promised.  I know.  Let's keep breathing, keep trying, keep living.

I love you World even though sometimes you can be so grey and bleak.  You mask hope, You make situations a complete mystery, You weigh my heart to the ground.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


bodega coffees....

I really love this blog.  It is beautiful, honest and sometimes french!

What's one of your new favorite blogs? I'm always looking for new ones to follow.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


run run run

Sometimes I have such trouble concentrating on one thing.  I often have five projects in my head and none of them related and seldomly do they come to fruition or if they are started they are hardly ever finished.  It's so difficult for me to be consistent.  Sometimes I see this as a positive thing but then when I wish to present someone with a body of work it's more like a huge messy scrapbook than any consistent thought.  How do people hone in on one thing?  How can you keep yourself for the excitement of a new thing?! As a person who is passionate and serious about photography (as seriously as a person that doesn't regard seriousness as anything important can be) I find it incredibly difficult to say just one thing one way.  There are so many ways and so much to say.

Mind, be still. Be still.

Friday, November 26, 2010


The White House

The White House being abducted by an alien beam of light.  No big deal.  We've been home for a few days now from tour.  Tour was a pretty fun time, especially the time we spent in New York.  I know a lot of people are really in love with that city and I understand the magic and excitement that it holds even more now that some of my closest girl friends live there.  I had missed them so and it was just so amazing to spend time with people whom I feel soulishly close to.  Coming home was a bit of a relief, we both missed our bunnies and just being comfortable but I think Christopher and I have been waking up each morning wishing we were in New York.  Maybe one day.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I always have such mixed feelings about the holidays.  They are a stark reminder of the people who are not here anymore.  They are so overtly commercialized.  There is so much pressure surrounding the holidays that they cause me more anxiety than joy most of the time.  This year Thanksgiving was nice and cozy but I still missed my brother and wondered why we need a special holiday to get together.  Sorry to be a debbie downer!

I do enjoy snow and (some) holiday decorations and the fact that people are baking treats like ovens are going to cease existing and drinking hot cocoa to warm my hands and I DO love gift wrapping.

I'm rambling aren't I? I wonder what other people think about the Holidays- what's your perspective?

Friday, November 19, 2010


A post from the road.  We are one show away from being done with tour.  It was a short one this time but really fun so far none the less.  We are currently sitting in our dear friend's home just outside of Philadelphia catching up on our laptops for the first time in days, enjoying some natural light and a cool little breeze.  Pennsylvania is so cute and cozy.  I love the East Coast. The mid-west (home) is nice too.  I love corn fields and cute barns and houses, brown stones in Chicago, Lake Michigan and all the rest but there's something brilliant about the sky on the East coast.  Something lovely and crisp about the air.  Southern accents, sweet tea, Cracker Barrel, Chik Fil A and BBQ places all over.  I never realized how unique the left side of the US is and I love it.

Tomorrow we're going to NEW YORK! I can't wait.  I am so excited to see my girlfriends and some photo related shops including by not limited to The Impossible Project store.  I am also hoping to hit up some essential New York spots for an upcoming project! There is a lot to accomplish in two days!! I can't wait.

Welp that's going to be my weekend.  I hope you have a fantastic few days.  Look for Polaroids in the days to come :D

Friday, November 12, 2010



Do you even see how tiny and adorable these pinecones are?  I wanted to bring them home with me but knew that they'd get crushed in whatever space I found for them in the van.  I wish we had pinecones on my street.  As a child I remember my mom would gather some pinecones and she my brother and I would put peanut butter and bird feed on them and hang them outside for the birds.  Such a fun memory.

As an adult I look back at my childhood and can appreciate so much more than I could as a little gal all the efforts my mom made to keep us entertained, to teach us about the world and nature, and to see smiles on our faces.  There is no love like the love of a mother for her children (I'm guessing since my "children" are furry rabbits).  What an awe inspiring thing.  To think our moms gave up so much just to see smiles on our faces.  What a warm little thought.

My husband is on his way to play a show a few hours away and I am home alone and with little to do for the first time in ages.  Usually if we're not working on something together I'm up in our office space working on calendars and cards.  What to do with my free time.  I think I'll start working on one of these little journal projects I found on a lovely new blog that I follow. Peep Jodi and her crafts and Polaroids!

Have a great weekend!! XO

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello hello.

We went on our first little leg of tour and are home for two days.  It's been crazy busy last few weeks- but that great kind of busy that leaves you lusting for more life.  I love times like these.  I've sold a few of my 2011 Polaroid Calendars in my shoppe which makes me so happy. It's such a great feeling to create something and have others like it enough to purchase it.  This whole Etsy thing is still rather new to me but so far I've enjoyed having a shop and making my little goods, having fun packaging them and shipping them off to a stranger somewhere.  It's all so fulfilling.

What do you do that makes your heart sing?

I don't think I've even elaborated on here that I'm going on tour with Christopher and Trevor.  We're making our way to the East Coast in a few days and I can't wait to see friends and new scenery!! I've packed a plethora of camera's and films and hope that I can stay on top of posting those here.  Here are some tour dates in the event that you're in the area and want to come by and say hello!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, gearing up for the holidays and for the feasts that lay ahead!!


These photos of The Wiitala Brothers were taken for a favorite blog of mine- Words To Shoot By! Take a peek at it, you won't be sorry!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This one is from day one still.  As I was composing my shot while I waited for the bus a lady that was very brightly dressed started up a conversation about my SX-70 and how she didn't realize they were still around.  It's always so fun to strike up a conversation that brings back fond memories or connects you to someone that is not from your own generation!

More from 'Roid Week later!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am regretting not posting more on here as I have so many new images to share lately! Lots of exciting things have been going on over here keeping me from my computer for far too long.

This week is 'Roid Week! 5 days where lovers of Polaroid and Flickr have their hearts on the brink of bursting! Everyone who has never before seen Polaroids are totally encouraged to join this group and post 2 of your best or favorite images every day for the next three days (we're two days in today).  This is my first year participating and I've already had soo much fun looking through hundreds of beautiful images. The fun does not stop there my friend- there are also some really awesome prizes to be won including but not limited to one of my 2011 Polaroid calendars!! What the heck are you waiting for? Head on over there and post a polaroid or two!!

Oh! I don't think I posted on here that Decor8 (one of my favorite blogs!) included my Polaroid calendar in their LOVELY 2011 calendar round up.  I was truly honored to be featured amongst such super cute / creative / awesome calendars.

I'll post the images I'm sharing for 'Roid Week on here so look out!


Sunday, October 31, 2010


All the different trees

Florida! You are so lush and full of life.  When I look at the polaroids I took of the trees they just remind me of simple southern beauty and of dinosaurs munching on the spanish moss.  I don't think there's anything wrong with that!

It seems like Fall is passing and Winter is quickly approaching.  I dread Winter. Absolutely dread it.  November is usually a strange month for me but this year I'll be gone on tour with Christopher, adventuring, seeing friends, shooting photos.  I can't wait!!

What plans do you have for November?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I miss this part of Florida

It's funny, when I lived in Florida I thought it was so boring and bland.  Now each time I go back I think of it as more and more a romantic and beautiful place.  Look at all that sexy spanish moss draped on old trees and the tall palm trees reaching for the sky.  I probably wouldn't chose to live in Florida again, I love Chicago so much- but I can definitely appreciate it's beauty now.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Apple Jacks

Today has been such an awesome day.  It's absolutely beautiful outside here in Chicago.  I was able to take my abuela who is visiting from Puerto Rico to her very first American diner and we didn't even have to wear a coat! Unbelievable for Chicago in October.

I came home to peruse my favorite blogs and saw that my very first photographic contribution to a blog I love so much was posted!  Words To Shoot By is a blog where a collective of photographers interpret a word in photographs.  The theme for this particular post was orange! It was a lot of fun to brain storm and shoot the color orange.

After I satisfied my blog addiction I cruised on over to Twitter where I found out that I won a The Impossible Project film giveaway that instant film guru - Jake Messenger was hosting.  I can't wait to receive my pack of PX-70 film to paint the town shades of blue and green with! Jakes blog is another that you should add to your queue of awesome blogs!

Speaking of which, I just found out about this Bloglovin thing from Campfire Chics blog.  Does anyone use this?  What are your thoughts?

What a wonderful day! I'll post some new Polaroids I scanned in yesterday here tomorrow so come back!


Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm gearing up to see my husband and his brother play a show tonight which should be a fun time to hang out with friends.  It'll be a good practice for them for our upcoming tour which I am so excited about.  I love road tripping and seeing friends all over the place. East coast here we come!

I hope to see the mountains during Autumn, The Impossible Project store in New York, cornfields in the mid west, a museum or two in DC and of course our dearest friends that come out to support us!

I am so proud of my husband and his brother for pursuing their musical dream.  I know a lot of people that have dreams, "one day I'd like to do this". I truly admire their persistence with chasing this dream down that I know won't stop until they've reached their goals.  My husband is the one who encouraged me to start my paper goods shop.  He's always encouraging me to pursue photography and telling me to be bold. Without his support and enthusiasm I would have never started my lil Etsy shop that I am so thrilled about.  I am so stoked to be married to a dude who is imaginative enough to let go of (some) practicalities and go for it.

Tomorrow will be a day of scanning some new Polaroid and Instax photos - what do you have planned for this weekend?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


View from the window.

Hello hello! My trip to Florida has come and gone and I feel like it was way too short this time!  I had so much fun seeing little lizards run across the streets, spanish moss hanging from every tree, feeling the sun kissing my cheeks and seeing so many old friends in love.  Florida is a magical place.  I took some Instax photos and a few Polaroids that I will share just as soon as I get to scanning a little later today.

I am very excited to announce that Unplggd did a little feature on our home!! For those of you who don't know me, my husband our two rabbits and I live in a 12x15 foot teenie tiny studio.  We sleep in a loft bed and have things tucked away in little drawers and secret hideaways all over our room.  Take a peek at the article here.  I love Apartment Therapy and it's affiliated blogs so I am very honored to have our simple little home featured on one of their sites!

What are you excited about this week?!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


12 months- 12 prints
Add caption

Yesterday Christopher, Trevor and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Jim Henson's Muppet exhibit.  I've been looking forward to this for two years.  It was so awesome to see the Muppets I grew up watching in real life! I posted some photos on my Instagram account.   If you haven't heard about this app yet, I'd highly recommend it. It's basically like a Twitter but with images instead of microblogged words.  This is RIGHT up my alley.  I'm not the kind of person that jumps on every new social media trend but this one really grabbed my attention, and it's free!  If you have an account add me to your friends list- xoazuree ! 

If you are a fan of artist interviews (which I am a total sucker for) please take a peek at mine over at Campfire Chic. This is my first ever interview so if you read it, let me know what you think!  While you're clicking links, take a peek at Kam's super cute Etsy shop.  I love her miniature notebooks

Speaking of wares- I never announced on here that I have a new item in my shop- a 2011 Polaroid Calendar ! This has to be my very favorite item in my shop.  I am so excited about it.  Head over and take a peek. 

I have The Muppets Movie queued on my tv so I'd better get going, I don't want to keep Fozzie and Kermie waiting. 

I hope you're having a fantastic week!

Thursday, October 7, 2010



I am sooo intimidated by a camera.  It is so hard for me to look right into that mechanical pupil and not feel like bursting into dust and seeping into the ground. Seriously. I had to take this one for something I'll share with you soon (which I am very excited about!) but it wasn't with much hesitation and procrastination that this here photograph got made.

I am so happy about some internet love I've received the past few days.  Yesterday my creative little momma friend, Cara wrote a little ditty about my shop on her blog.  Thank you Cara!! If you want to be inspired by cute videos, amazing online finds, great quotes and general awesomeness do yourself a favor and peep her blog.  Cara is not only a talented and candid writer but also a crafter extraordinaire. Take a look at her affordable and very cute wares!

Today one of my besties fowarded me an email from Etsy that had featured one of my cards.  I was so thrilled!! You can see the email here if you're interested.

There is so much to look forward to right now.

-Helping one of my best friends with her wedding plans.
-My upcoming trip to Florida next week and the prospect of seeing old friends!
-Christopher & Trevor's tour next month.
-The new Impossible Project Film that just came out.
-Enjoying the wonderful weather Chicago is currently entertaining with my camera.

...just to name a few.

What are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



I am so sleepy. Doesn't it feel good to just sleep a day away every now and then? 

What would be ideal for me right now is to go to bed, wake up tomorrow just whenever I feel done sleeping, go to my favorite thrift shop, drink a Cherry Coca Cola Classic, get a treat with my Mom, take some photos of Autumn happening (I wish I could find acorns in Chicago), hang out with my lil buns for a while and watch an entire movie with my husband without falling asleep.  What a lovely day!

I'll let you know if it happens.  For now I'm off to the land of nod!


Saturday, October 2, 2010


stare down

These are some of the handsomest men in my life, Peter Jennings and my husband Christopher.  We are rabbit sitting Peter for a little while and he's so fun to have.  He's far more cuddly than our rabbits, Franny & Zooey - and his ears flop down so cute!! Christopher is awesome for many reasons but I will hi-light this one awesome thing about him- he's a great web designer and builder.  He's been nice enough to build me a fair share of websites.  More recently we created the one I currently have right now which I am very happy with!! I'm so lucky to have a built in web designer to make little tweaks for me here and there! Thank you Christopher!!

This week has just flown right by.  We've been helping my mom move into an apartment a little bit down the street and it's incredible how much energy it takes to move.  We went by today and already she's half unpacked and making her apartment so cute and cozy.  It's funny to hang out with my mom as a grown up and see where all my little habits and idiosyncrasies come from.   A few examples, the need to feel settled and have our place seem like home, having a place for everything, being a little neat freak, a love for milk glass and trinkets, and an itch to travel.

Tomorrow holds a trip to the good ole Ikea for my mom and I.  I need to pick up a few frames for a project I hope to reveal in my shop Monday evening! I am so excited.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that it's warm wherever you are.  It just turned into Winter in Chicago today.  Thanks for skipping Autumn Chicago :/


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dead birds...

This week I've come across two pretty little dead birds, one day after another. It seems like there should be some kind of meaning to that, but I'm not sure what. I hope this doesn't sound extremely creepy but I think dead birds are so interesting- when they aren't splattered all over the street of course. Perhaps because I can finally get a close look and see all the pretty little details that are hard to see while they soar in the skies.

My head is begging me to lay it down to rest so off I go to the land of nod!


Monday, September 27, 2010


My Little Animals

I have a really awesome project I'm working on that the guys above these here letters are going to be a part of.  I am extremely excited about this project! It is of course for my shop but also for personal fulfillment! I have amassed quite the collection of these cute little animals and have been burdened with the idea of sharing that collection with the world in some way.  You'll see.

My best friend just got engaged a few days ago and already my head is spinning with ideas for her wedding.  I am so happy for her and also so excited to be a part of a really creative and unique wedding. I might not know what to do with myself as a guest or brides maid at a wedding- I'm so used to being behind the camera.

That's my exciting news for right now. It's Monday and I feel like a lot will be accomplished this week which is always exciting to me.  What are you up to this week?

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The Wilco Buidling!!

Dear Chicago,

I love you but why'd you have to be so cold out of no where today?  I wasn't prepared.  I was ready to look cute in my denim skirt, clogs and new cardigan.  Those were bad clothing options for the weather you provided today.  Please don't catch me off guard like that when I plan a day of girly dress up and shopping bliss with my Mom.

Thank you.
Love ya!


This is a picture of "The Wilco Buildings"taken on a Chicago Boat Tour I went on that was REALLY fun!  I took it with my Fuji Instax- a really fun little camera.

Friday, September 24, 2010


me on unplggd!

I am so excited! My friend Joelle and I collaborated on this article for Unplggd about how to take pretty pictures using natural light and a few things you probably have laying around at home. Check it out!

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Gourds are Autumns black sheep. They live in the shadow of the ever popular pumpkin. Well I think they are cute, like a pug is so ugly it's cute! Sorry Mel, Brook and all the other Pug lovers of the world.

This little gourd family is for sale as a card or a print over in the ole shop!

Today has been a really fun day. I watched "Shark Tale" with my friend Mia which was a lot of fun. I'm always so surprised at how sharp little kids are. My friend Mia is six years old and was telling me all sorts of facts about fish and Oreos. It was super cute.

I had one of those days where although I didn't physically accomplish a whole lot I made a lot of decisions that I am really excited about. For one, I've decided to keep up with this blog first and foremost. This was a hard decision considering I have 6 blogs. SIX BLOGS! I'm in the process of shutting some of them down so that I'm not tempted to keep posting there. Please mark this little guy in your RSS feeds or in your blog roll. Thank you, kindly!

While you're doing me some favors, feel free to "like" the xoazuree print shop fan page !

I'm hoping to post here at least three times a week so please keep on comin back. Have a great night friends!

Monday, September 20, 2010


my babies! franny & zooey

New Polaroid and Impossible Project shots are up in the Polaroid section! Should I rename that section since it isn't all Polaroid film anymore?  Does anyone know what the new word for instant film will be?  Instant film sounds BOORRRRING.

If you like what you see don't be scared to stop by my shoppe and buy some prints or cute cards to send to a friend.  Everything in my shoppe started off as a Polaroid, was scanned in with lotsa love and then was professionally printed with archival inks on archival papers.  This stuff is totally lovely and so legit.  Take a peek at

I hope all is well in your world friends.  Things are busy and fantastic over here!