Friday, February 25, 2011


The sunless grey skies are affecting me. This time of the year seems endless. I start to think that I live in a place that is Winter year round. I didn't think living in Chicago would be such a drastic change from Florida and I have never considered myself more a Florida girl than I do during this stretch of Winter. I'm just ready for it to be done! My friends in Florida are posting pictures from the beach. Wearing tank tops and sandals. I don't even remember what sunshine feels like.

Listening to Ryan Adams. Wishing for warmer days so I feel more motivated to go out and shoot (can you tell?!). Thankful for internet pals who have been so wonderfully warming about the loss of ole Pete. Anxious for April to come so I can see 3 of my besties in Florida. Happy about the time I've been spending with my mom lately. Ever so happy about a little bit of Polaroid film I've recently come into. Anxious to develop those four rolls of HP5 that are starring me in the face. Hopeful about the prospect of covering up the glass tile that is shattered in our bathroom from previous tenants in the next month or see (fingers crossed). Unsure about going on a east coast road trip with Christopher and Trevor.

Much on the mind. Here's hoping for a restful weekend to you and me both!


Monday, February 21, 2011


a rabbit ghost <3

What a weekend. I just wrote an entire post where I told the details of it and how it was one heck of a roller coaster but really all of that doesn't matter. The bottom line of this weekend is that we had to put down my darling pet bunny of 7 1/2 years, Mister Peter Jennings. I didn't realize how much of an impact the loss of a pet could make on our lives! Christopher and I have been weepy all weekend, really missing him already. He was just such a joy in our lives. We're eternally grateful that we have our other two bunnies Franny & Zooey that have also been keeping us on our toes but Peter was just such a character and he is so dearly missed.

I guess I am mostly surprised just how grief stricken losing him has made us. On a brighter note, it is incredible how a tiny little animal can bring you so much joy. Here's to Peter and all the love he brought into our lives and to all the little creatures we hold so dear to our hearts! 


Monday, February 14, 2011


Wow, I've waited much too long to make a blog post. I'm sorry! This past week was incredibly busy although I don't have much to show for it. You know how those weeks go. The days just get away from you somehow. 

I have been playing around with peel apart film and falling in love with each photo. Even if it is out of focus, I haven't quite mastered the camera I'm using yet, it's so fun to see those instant results! I only wish I could find a macro attachment that would allow me to get closer than 3 ft away from something and it still be in focus. I never realized how closely I usually photograph things until now! The 3 photos in this post are my entry for "Sweet" on Words To Shoot By. There are some pretty cute entries, so go give them a peek

My heart has been swelling the past few days. With the excitement of this new to me film, the prospect of a fun new camera for my husband and I to play with (more on that in a later post), all the upcoming weddings there are to attend and photograph, the fact that spring is only a month or two away (!!), the sun keeps peeping out of the Chicago skies, our rabbits do increasingly cute things, I've been exercising and although I don't see any results on my scale or body- it feels wonderful to be doing something that is good for my health, seeing beautiful things online, being inspired by living spaces. So much good stuff! 

I also recently purged some of my cameras, a pretty decent amount of "I shouldn't get rid of that, I might wear it one day" clothes and random do dads that don't get any love. It feels like literal weight is being lifted off my shoulders to do away with things that don't get used. I'm not a minimalist by any means but I do NEED order and tidiness in my life to be happy. 

I like all the things associated with Valentines Day, glitter, hearts, treats, arrows, cards, flowers, treats, cupcakes, treats, love- but I don't put too much stock into the actual holiday itself. I'm kind of sad that it's going to be over and all the pretty red girly things at the store will go on sale and will be replaced by green four leaf clovers. Blech. Did you do anything special for Valentines Day?

I hope everyone is well, that the sun is shining where you are and that you had at least one cupcake today! 


Sunday, February 6, 2011


After the Blizzard

Hello! It's super bowl Sunday and although that has pretty much no significance to me, I am very excited  to hang out with friends and eat the most horrible foods with them.

Did everyone hear about the blizzard that hit Chicago? Well my husband, some of our friends and I went out in the middle of it last weekend! It was crazy. I felt like I was on Hoth. I kept waiting for Han Solo to rescue me on a Ton Ton. Wait didn't know I am a total Star Wars nerd? Shhh. Don't judge me, okay? Thanks. I've never seen that much snow in real life before. It was pretty fun and a little bit scary too. I'm hoping to develop the film I shot in the storm this week and will surely keep you posted on that. I'm waiting to finish off a roll I have in my newly acquired Diana Mini. I've been wanting one for a while now and couldn't resist buying it when I saw it on sale. Does anyone have any tips on how to use that bad boy for me?

This week I also shot peel apart film for the first time in my life. My heart leapt a little bit when I saw the results. So pretty! It only made me sad I'd never thought to try it out before. You can see some of what I shot here. The camera I'm using is pretty basic and easy to use, I just have to get better at judging distance since you aren't looking directly through the lens when you look into the viewfinder and this always throws me off when it comes to focusing. I'm not used to having to know how many feet or meters you are from someone or something.

My husband and I went to see My Brightest Diamond play a few nights ago and she was incredible as always. I'm not a big fan of female vocalists, actually the only ones I really like are Carol King, Blonde Redhead and My Brightest Diamond. At any rate, during the show Shara told the backstory to one of her songs which referenced At the Back of the North Wind, a George McDonald book. It sounded right up my alley so I'll have to give it a read. Has anyone else read anything by him before? If you have the chance to go see My Brightest Diamond I would highly recommend it. The music is beautiful, Shara is funny and cute and there isn't a single air of pretentiousness during the show, which I rather appreciate.

This is turning into quite the novel, and to think when I first started writing I wasn't sure if I had anything to say. Can I tell you just a few more things? Thank you.

- I'm inspired this week by Michael Morgans goal to blog every day for 30 days (quite ambitious if you ask me!)
- I'm working on some mix cd artwork for a mix exchange with Isabelle that I am VERY excited about!
- I am so happy to be sending Valentines to lonely seniors! A great big thank you to everyone who bought cards from my shop for this!  I'll be sending the package along to Etsy tomorrow (Monday) afternoon so you still have a chance to put a smile on a lonely elderly persons face on Valentines day!
- If you need a low commitment photo project consider joining the Flickr group, Saturdays of 2011 where you simply take a photo of your Saturday and post it to the group! I have REALLY been loving photo projects this year. It's a great way to keep shooting and to stay inspired, especially during the Winter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, cozy Sunday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


view master!!

January has been such an exciting month for me. I have such high hopes for this year - it's the year of the rabbit, I don't see how it can be anything but incredible. January, I can't say I'm sad to see you go. I look forward to sunshine, budding flowers and being able to go out uninhibited in general so January get behind me and Spring I welcome you with open arms! The groundhog said Spring is near. I'm a believer, even if I am in the middle of a blizzard.

Thank you January for:

- A busy month in my shop
- My first month dieting...ever. The results haven't been brilliant and I'm pretty sure this past week I've up and quit my diet but I have learned how to eat better, learned about some awesome alternatives to foods that are horrible for me and I think I've nearly kicked my life long lust for Coke...or at least narrowed it down to one a week. That's a serious accomplishment for me!
- Having a brick and mortar store carry my cards in Chicago
- The Impossible Project carrying my cards in their NYC shop (soon)!
- I've made a list of things I want to accomplish before my epic 30th birthday this year- 11.11.11 (which is an accomplishment in itself)
- Smiling a lot to the new song my husband and his brother wrote - Run Rabbit Run.
- Randomly being gifted a working SX-70 (Thank you stranger), VIEW MASTER (Thank you Aunt Shirley) and SX-70 tote (Thank you Annie!).
- Lots of really fun adventures with my Mom out and despite grey skies and white streets.
- Bringing The Dismemberment Plan back
- Going to my first exhibition opening, Vivian Maier, an absolutely inspirational Chicago street photographer

February I am ready for the goodness you have to offer. It's only been two days and already you've allowed me to WALK ON (frozen) WATER ON LAKE MICHIGAN (photos to come), I came across this amazing polaroid photographer- Mikael Kennedy and I started to exercise.