Thursday, September 23, 2010



Gourds are Autumns black sheep. They live in the shadow of the ever popular pumpkin. Well I think they are cute, like a pug is so ugly it's cute! Sorry Mel, Brook and all the other Pug lovers of the world.

This little gourd family is for sale as a card or a print over in the ole shop!

Today has been a really fun day. I watched "Shark Tale" with my friend Mia which was a lot of fun. I'm always so surprised at how sharp little kids are. My friend Mia is six years old and was telling me all sorts of facts about fish and Oreos. It was super cute.

I had one of those days where although I didn't physically accomplish a whole lot I made a lot of decisions that I am really excited about. For one, I've decided to keep up with this blog first and foremost. This was a hard decision considering I have 6 blogs. SIX BLOGS! I'm in the process of shutting some of them down so that I'm not tempted to keep posting there. Please mark this little guy in your RSS feeds or in your blog roll. Thank you, kindly!

While you're doing me some favors, feel free to "like" the xoazuree print shop fan page !

I'm hoping to post here at least three times a week so please keep on comin back. Have a great night friends!

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