Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The day that I move out to the woods is creeping up on me. I had a whole list of posts I wanted to make before then but each night before I get to work on them I end up with heavy eye lids pleading for rest. I have to admit, although I love being productive I equally love S L E E P I N G! Dreams are total magic. I look forward to them. It's like being surprised with a movie a few times a week. Sometimes the movies are ones you aren't that interested in watching (like the scary and sad ones) and other times I'm totally pleasantly surprised by what hides in the corners of my mind.

Either way Wednesday I move four hours South of Chicago into cornfields to help set up the five day music festival Christopher and I work for year round. It's the culmination of all of our work in one week. So we are usually gone roughly three weeks. One week for setup, one week of the festival itself and one week for tear down. Most of our co-workers like getting away to the grounds we have the festival on. You can fish, swim in a lake (the little trailer we live in while there is actually on the lake), go hunting (ew), or just sit outside and get eaten by bugs -"enjoying nature" they call it. As you may have guessed these things do not even slightly thrill me. I see this time as being without internet, cell phone reception and decent places to order in from. I do not really enjoy bugs or weird things that hide in trees and scare me. 

Two years ago a tree fell down and a bee hive was on the ground. That was pretty cool. I'd never seen one so close before. Other than that, I care little for this "retreat" as it can be seen. The festival itself is pretty fun. We get to see friends in bands and pals that come out to hang. Always fun. I've never photographed the festival very well but this year I'm making a point to document it. I'm taking the Mamiya with me and hope to happily burn through some Chocolate and Blue film I have stored up. I'm also hoping to continue learning French (thanks Rosetta Stone) and read that stack of Vanity Fairs that our rabbits usually end up nibbling on. 

What are your boring / exciting / usual summer plans?


  1. I enjoy camping, but camping for 3 weeks is a loooong time. I hope that you have lots of fun with the festival though! I've never been to a big music festival, I find them a bit intimidating. But I'm sure you're one of the cool kids there. ;)

    Best of luck with your French learning! I have to start brushing up on my Italian before fall!

    Do you take your bunnies with you when you go?

  2. Hello Ashley.

    Yes all three buns come along. We have a trailer we stay in, thankfully so they are comfy and in air conditioning. They are city bunnies like I'm a city gal :) The fest was fun but I'm so glad to be back home!

    Are you guys going to Rome in the fall?!