Friday, January 20, 2012


Polaroid Classic DIY Paper Camera Kit
I like miniature things. I do. Miniature rabbits, obviously...I love them. Miniature nesting dolls, yes please. Even things like a miniature pan of eggs, I'm all over it. Of course I nearly lost my mind when this Polaroid Classic Paper Camera Kit arrived. The kit includes some of the more iconic Polaroid cameras- miniaturized and paperized for you to assemble.

S O   F U N!

My very favorite part of this kit was the little Polaroids it comes with, one for each camera! When you rub your finger on the little Polaroid an image appears! I squealed a little bit when I realized this. So cute. 

Should you get yourself a miniature paper Polaroid camera kit? Of course you should. You should order yourself a set of those dapper film storage boxes while you're at it, you can thank me later. I'm definitely one of those weirdos who gets really excited about packaging and I love the design aesthetic The Impossible Projects got going on with their packaging but these little boxes make my heart pitter patter. You might be asking yourself if I'm seriously that excited about boxes, but let me tell you buddy, these boxes are so great. They look awesome, hold about 30 photos, are the perfect size for integral and peel apart film and have those amazing white spaces for LABELING. Organization, here I come! 

The Impossible Project loves you and so they've generously sent me a Polaroid Classic Paper Camera Kit to give to ya! Just leave a comment with your favorite type of Impossible Project Film and why (I'm just curious to see what everyone is loving right now) and your email address to be entered to win. I'll pick a winner next Friday! Don't forget to leave your email address though, so I have a way of contacting you!

If you don't want to wait head on over to The Impossible Project's shop and get you one and don't forget these swank boxes



  1. Oooh! Im first!

    My favorite type of film right now is the ace Hotel Edition... One of the reasons being that it comes with aswanky storage box similar to the one pictured above. My second reason is the crisp perfect tones...try shooting the film at night. It is splendid!

    I hope i win! The mini cameras would be perfect for making a Polaroid cake!


  2. how exciting is this! i just recently discovered the impossible project and am in love!!! my favorite film right now is PX680...i'm still a newbie and learning a heck of a lot but am enjoying every moment! thanks for the chance to win, i'm a night owl-working the overnight shift at the hospital this would be perfect to practice shooting at night :)

  3. Cute! My favorite film at the moment is the Gold Frame PX680. Love the vibrant colors that it produces. Fabulous film!

    1. I love the PX 680 as well. The Gold Edition of that film seemed to have incredible colors! Need to get my hands on more before it's gone! XO

  4. My favorite Impossible film is PX680. I just love color and the colors that can be achieved with a little warmth are outstanding. misc.nicholas at

  5. I have to go with the silver. Love the bw!!

  6. Since i only own a 600 my fav has to be PX 680 Colour shade gold edition, I mean whats not to love?!

  7. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Lately I have been digging the PX 680 Colour shade gold edition as it made for some pretty memorable holidays photos with an extra classy touch. *crosses fingers*

  8. oh my gosh. this is seriously amazing. i have the sx-70 sonar camera and i love it. the film storage boxes are a great idea. i never know what to do with my photos if i'm not displaying them.
    my favorite film would have to be the gold edition! it looks lovely. i want it.

  9. I saw the cameras on the Impossible Project newsletter, but I didn't realize they were MINIATURE!! How adorable! Right now I'm loving the PX680 Colour shade, though I haven't had as much time to shoot with it as I would like.

  10. OMG I can't believe how small they are! I love the PX 600 Silver Shade - my favorite.


  11. those little guys are so cute! i am addicted to the silver shade film for my spectra. still working on my technique, but love that film!

  12. adorable. love it all but i can't forget those classics: POLAROID CLASSIC IMAGE FILM

  13. That little sx-70 would look so great with my big one.
    I love the Px 70 color shade edition, I find it slightly tricky but when I get a good shot it's amazing!! :)
    funkyblogger at gmail dot com

  14. Oh yes, please. Consider me entered :) I'd love the limited gold edition film.
    courtney dot hendricks at gmail dot com

  15. I'm insanely in love with PZ680 Spectra. That film and I really get along. :)

  16. Loving the gold frame 680. Instant adorable framing, who could ask for more and the tonessss (oh the tones!)

  17. how fun!!

    love the px 600 silver shade. reminds me of old school photos. and i'm a sucker for a classic.

  18. I love the color shade film. The look that it gives is classic and beautiful. :) Thank you for the giveaway!

    nicole0382 (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. I looove the "PX 70 PUSH!" film; it gives these dreamy magenta tones that make you feel that every picture is a world for itself :)

  20. I don't know. I don't have any polaroids or anything...YET. Key word: YET. :)
    novaisawesome at gmail dot com

  21. For me, it's the color shade gold edition that does it in terms of new polaroid films. There is just something about the fact that the film is still fragile after it's out of the camera, it's a bit unlike the film I remember from the original series.

    ( AT gmail DOT com)

  22. PX 600 Silver Shade has my heart!
    Thanks for the opportunity!