Thursday, July 26, 2012


Lately, I've been in love with:

- These awesome sunnies that my friend Ben sent me
- Lingered Upon's photos of Paris!
- Christoffer Relander's AMAZING double exposures
- East Side Brides awesome wit and snark relating to all things wedding
- Mikael Kennedy's Tumblr
- Redscale film. No idea how I'm just getting around to using this
- Stereoscopy Photographs. Such a cool concept. If you decide to follow this person on Tumblr I'd suggest stepping outside the dashboard and seeing the way he's laid it out. I think it really adds to the images/text
- Worishofer sandals. Judge me and my granny ways if you must, but theses sandals are SO comfortable
- Andrea's super cute list of things she misses. I'm right there with her on so many of these things!

Tonight I will surely be in love with Refused, a band I never thought I'd get to see live!!


1 comment:

  1. Ben is awesome. So, when are we going to see that recreated Polaroid? ;)