Monday, November 5, 2012


October was a fantastic month!

- I went to Florida to shoot a wonderful wedding
- My Macbook Pro had to go to Apple to get fixed and they wiped everything off of it, including unsaved scans but I'm excited at a new beginning with my computer!
- Finally got an LC-Wide camera! I've wanted an LC-A for almost ten years!
- It started to really feel like Fall here in Chicago, which I love
- Went on a fun Impossible Project photo walk. I hope to go on at least one more before it's too cold!
- I begun to make a better stride at not drinking Coca Cola as much as I do (a real vice for me!)
- A pair of gold glitter shoes made their way into my life and I'm a little obsessed with them
- An Impossible Project image that I shot showed alongside of some very talented photographers at The Holden / Impossible Project exhibit in NYC. This was such an honor.
- Christopher & I had a few wonderful relaxing days off together which is always so nice
- I fixed up my Supersampler camera all by myself, which has been broken for over a year and is one of  my favorite little fun cameras to play with. I felt so accomplished.
- I drew some bunnies on dud instant photos for The Impossible Project's Make Your Mark photo contest! I used their super awesome pen set, which are perfect for writing on your Impossible images! I made a little blog post about them here. The contest is running until the end of November- everyone should enter!
- I dressed up like Misfits era Glenn Danzig for Halloween (!!)

The Holidays are afoot. I have mixed feelings about this time of the year. I like the idea of spending time with family but I hate all the pressure and consumerism built up around the Holidays...or perhaps that the Holidays are built upon! I suspect I'll enjoy them just the same....if I don't think about it too much.



  1. I love your end of month posts. :) They always make me smile.

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