Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm back! The past few months have brought a lot of change into my life. I promise I'll be brief but since I last posted a lot has happened!

I finally graduated college! Nothin' fancy, but I'm glad to be done with school. My Mom, whom I adore, came for a visit and we were able to spend Mother's Day together at Dose Market. It was a lot of fun! She showed me how to cook some delicious things, we went on fun shopping dates and I'm pretty sure we went to Starbucks and had lemon loaf's every day of her visit!

The day after my Mom went back home, I left for Florida to shoot a wedding. I got to see some old friends from High School, my lifelong best friend Tiffany and her family and new house, which was really rad and really eye opening that we're actually grown adult women! I forget that from time to time. The wedding was gorgeous. I had the pleasure of seeing old friends who live all around the US now and we re-lived our twenties on the dance floor for one night together which was fun for the night, but man do I not miss my 20's!

While I was in Florida, our 5 year anniversary happened! I can't believe Christopher and I have been married 5 years already! That's practically an eternity!

Oh, I never really mentioned that I quit my job at Lomography to be a freelance photographer! It's been a strange transition. So far, I've been pretty busy but things look to slow down in July and I'm a little anxious about what I'll do with my free time. My hope is that I'll actually work on personal projects, like scanning in 13 or so years or negatives but the reality might be that I'll sit on my couch and watch Lost because it's all I've done since I've gotten back from Florida and I am hopelessly addicted!

More soon, for now....more Lost!


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  1. Hurray on Freelance Photography Career!
    Hurray on College Graduation!
    Hurray on visits from Mom!
    Hurray on visiting friends!