Thursday, April 3, 2014


Christopher and I recently went down South to Florida to shoot a gorgeous backyard wedding that I can't wait to share on here. We had so much fun working and playing together. It was my best friends birthday and we celebrated all week. We hit up some delicious restaurants, some fun bars, some classic Florida dives, some favorite places from when I used to live in Winter Park and hung out with friends who came down from Georgia and New York.

One of my favorite things we did was take a long drive to DeLand to The Old Spanish Sugar Mill where you make your own pancakes out of different batters with different toppings on a griddle that is built into your table. This was really fun and was right next to a pretty spring. I couldn't stop admiring all the spanish moss and all the pretty greenery that I took for granted for so long when I lived in Florida!

It's funny how when you move away, you start to appreciate all those things you took for granted for so long. I love living in Chicago, "city life" suites me but there is definitely something to be said about the laid back southern life that I miss too.

I loved seeing all the Spanish Moss everywhere and all the pretty greenery, walking around my old stomping grounds with Christopher and our friends, filling our bellies with the best southern foods and just getting a break from the Chicago cold! Not to mention how AMAZING thrift stores are in Florida. Here in the city it seems like every thrift store is so picked over.

It was so fun to see the Wes Anderson theme at Stardust, a coffee shop / bar / hang out that I have been going to since I was in high school.

Another highlight was visiting the Rifle Paper Co store. It is amazing to see how far Anna and her team have come, we used to work at a small magazine together! She is brilliant and sweet and I'm so proud of everything she's accomplished. It's always fun to visit the store and see old friends.

This trip to Florida was just what we needed, a break from the Chicago cold (it snowed the day we left!), time spent with great friends, all the southern foods and of course a wonderful wedding to start the year off with!

I hope you enjoyed these photos, all taken with a little point n shoot film camera, one of my favorites at the moment the almighty Contax T2!


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