Saturday, August 16, 2014


The Impossible Project recently came out with a new line of accessories that I'm pretty excited about including this SX-70 lens and filter kit. The packaging is great. I really loved that they printed what each filter does on a microfiber cloth. So smart! The filters themselves seem well made and were fairly easy to mount on the camera. I shot a few photos just to test the lens and filters out to see how everything worked. I'm pleased with the results! I'm especially excited about the blue lens, which makes color photos taken in bright natural light a little less yellow and for the close up lens! 

You can see in the photos above that the close up lens allowed me to get fairly close. I had to push my subjects back a few inches to even be able to get the photo into focus with no lens on it at all. I'm excited about that extra reach, I'm always trying to get close to things! 

I don't usually use fish eye lenses very much but I'm excited about this one. I think it'll make hand held portraits a little easier and I like the challenge of using my SX-70 in a different, wider angled way since I tend to shoot pretty close up most of the time. 

I am also in love with these Moleskin journals (I have a very serious and kind of scary collection of journals). My obsession with the 6 photo per page album is d e e p. I have been looking for the perfect album for years and this is it! It holds 6 photos per page, I used both sides of each page. Since it's a screw mount album it expands nicely and doesn't bunch up anywhere. I am seriously ordering ten total as soon as I can! I'm so excited to finally have all my Polaroids in albums so I can flip through them! The boxes they are in just don't do them justice! 


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