Wednesday, October 22, 2014


If you know me at all you know that I love Polaroids. There is just something so truly magical about taking a picture and having something to hold in your hand right away. 

That being said, it's Polaroid Week on Flickr right now! Polaroid week is a five day celebration of the instant image. Photographers familiar with Polaroid week will sometimes shoot something special exclusively for it, or might hold onto a really great picture for several months to debut it during Polaroid Week. 

The idea is to share unseen instant images during the week in the Polaroid Week Flickr Group. Go ahead and take a peek and be inspired. You are allowed to post two photos per day and I'll be sharing my two on my blog for the next few days!

Day one: Lauren Wilkins shot on Impossible Project's SX70 BW Film and the Navy Pier ferris wheel shot on Impossible Project's Magenta Type film (which is amazing). 


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