Saturday, October 2, 2010


stare down

These are some of the handsomest men in my life, Peter Jennings and my husband Christopher.  We are rabbit sitting Peter for a little while and he's so fun to have.  He's far more cuddly than our rabbits, Franny & Zooey - and his ears flop down so cute!! Christopher is awesome for many reasons but I will hi-light this one awesome thing about him- he's a great web designer and builder.  He's been nice enough to build me a fair share of websites.  More recently we created the one I currently have right now which I am very happy with!! I'm so lucky to have a built in web designer to make little tweaks for me here and there! Thank you Christopher!!

This week has just flown right by.  We've been helping my mom move into an apartment a little bit down the street and it's incredible how much energy it takes to move.  We went by today and already she's half unpacked and making her apartment so cute and cozy.  It's funny to hang out with my mom as a grown up and see where all my little habits and idiosyncrasies come from.   A few examples, the need to feel settled and have our place seem like home, having a place for everything, being a little neat freak, a love for milk glass and trinkets, and an itch to travel.

Tomorrow holds a trip to the good ole Ikea for my mom and I.  I need to pick up a few frames for a project I hope to reveal in my shop Monday evening! I am so excited.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that it's warm wherever you are.  It just turned into Winter in Chicago today.  Thanks for skipping Autumn Chicago :/



  1. I was in Chicago this past March and the day I arrived was apparently the warmest it had been since November! I was dyyyiiinnngggg because Southern California isn't very good about selling warm coats/jackets in March. Bathing suits hit the shelves in January :/

  2. I totally know the feeling Kam! I am originally from Florida and have only lived here for about three years and I am still not adjusted to how long Winter lasts! Last year was the first year I even felt prepared for Winter and already I'm dreading it!

    Thankfully I have crafts to keep me busy this Winter :)